Thursday, February 19, 2009

virgin hotwifing

moving on.. i am now in a happy relationship now.. a gf who loves me and shares my passion.. a gf who respects and ask for permission before she engages in any stuff..

it was almost evening when she sms me " XX ask me out for a drink.. can i?"

the passionate hotwifing me agreed without qualms although she had told me earlier that she was tired. she was arousing me with all the thoughts of what she was wearing and how she is going to dress to seduce this guy, lets call him N.

N met my gf, O at a bar in the eastern side of the island. they began to drink while i was still at work.. i wanted to sneak a peak but she was really focus in talking to N that she kinda of ignore my smses. I got a bit pissed off and told her that she can enjoy the night with him as i am gonna head home. we were supposed to be at this together but she seems to forget the existence of me..

she called shortly and apologised. after some explaination, i decided to come to terms with it and told her what to do.. she was telling me that N was touching her all over and kept kissing her in public, i told her to allow him to do so.. she said sex was not possible as she was sore.. but i beg to differ.. she hang up shortly and went ahead with the drinks.. from time to time, she will sms me to tell me what she is up to... i was using my wireless internet while waiting for the action to start, i wanted her to be bonked outdoors so i could see them in LIVE, but i got a shocked when i received a sms from her telling me that she was on her way to his apartment.. apparently he is well prepared for this to happened.. i was displeased but she promised to call me and let me listen to the actions...

after some hush hush discussion, we worked out a plan for that night.. she would hide in the toilet to tell me what is going on..

nothing happened for an hour or so and the waiting time seems like forever.. then, my sms came " we are outside buying food" she was trying to locate her own location and girls being girls, they are often lost.. i was desperate to know what was going on.. time seemed to like pass forever.. then she called.." D, i now in the toilet, he was touching me just now, rubbing my legs and he touch my pussy.. he likes my white g-string, what am i going to do?" all these words simply turned me on.. "go out now and lie on the sofa naked" i instructed her..

so there she went and i was later told by her that he was totally surprised at her actions.. then, my hp rang, she told me exactly where she was and i headed down to her location within a flash.. all these while i was being put on the line listening what was going on.. my heart pumped with jealousy and i waited patiently.. i was so excited..

while at the carpark, i could hear their muffled conversations.. seconds tickled down when i finally heard the unmistakeable moan "Ahhhhh... ooooh" thats my girl.. being screwed. moaning loud enough for me to hear her.. i couldnt help myself but took out my cock and started wanking off.. the moaning got louder.. what a slut can she get when she is being bonked! the moaning comes on and off.. so i gathered that she was giving him a blowjob.. a bj would mean submission to most men.. so here i am imagining what is going on, on the other end.. they are rocking each other..

i couldnt hold any longer.. i went up immediately to the unit hoping to catch them in closer actions or at least hear her LIVE.. i was on the line until the reception in the lift cut the line off... damn.. it better be for the better otherwise i would have even lost my only source of "touch"..

i went 1 level above the unit hoping to peep into their unit.. but all i could hear was loud moaning!! oh my god! can you imagine that? that was like sooooo close.. after awhile, i decided to move on to their unit's door step.. and to my surprise.. their door has a open top above it!! damn.. i should have come up earlier! as quietly as i can.. i climbed above the door to have a view of my life time..

there it was.. it was unmistakeable.. her handphone on the table and white top and g-string were on the floor, but where the hell are they? i could only hear louder moanings from time to time again.. i cant wait any longer.. began to call her handphone in hope that she will come out to answer it.. but nothing happened.. my heart thumpered.. jealousy over flowed.. cock rock hard standing..

after a good 20 mins (equal to non stop pumping of 20 mins), she finally came out.. another surge of blood to both my heads as i saw my very own darling naked in somebody else's premises.. she picked up the phone and called me.. i told her where am i and she looked at me.. she was darn cheeky.. told her to perform for me where i can see..but she told me they are done and tired for the day.. asked me to go home and wait.. DAMN!

so the poor me ended up waiting at home.. told her not to clean up so i can be sure that she was fucked... when i saw her back home.. without questions i laid her down and smell her.. the inspection proved that she was really fuck for quite some time.. she smelled of rubber and of cause the unmistakeable wetness in her..

i fuck her hard with her telling me that she obeyed everything i told her to do.. from doggy to missionary, from exihibiting to blowjob.. ooooooh.. there .. i came a full load into her mouth.. glurping down obediently..

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