Monday, August 27, 2012

Presenting my taiwan import

She's open to ideals of THOSE.. At e exploration stage now.. She's given bbbj to random strangers.. How cool is that ?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

at princess's bf place

since i have some time now, shall do a recollection sometime back..

Princess is now dating a ang mo and stays frequently at his place.. and everytime she tells me about her stories, it never fails to arouse me tremendously. including going on for 6 sessions over a weekend and more recently, he has made her cum.. OMG! its like quite an ulitmate thing for me.. and as expected, he is more well endowed than me... and she says it always fills her up fully and completely.. her pussy always feels so sore after a session with him.. its constantly driving me crazy..

as such she has little time for me and i have to find a new slut to bonk.. i have since gotten a taiwanese chick who is pretty horny as well.. i will see and post when i decided to present her to you guys here.. 

for now, let's go back to princess.. 

there was this day, i got invited to her bf's place and she showed me around the house and explicitly told me in details which corner of the house and how she had been fucked by him around the house.. imagine all the details which she had previously told me has now come together to form a complete puzzle.. which gave me an instant hardon.. then as we move to the bedroom, she decides to undress and made herself cum while i wank off besides her.. i tried to bonk her then and there but she insist that i should show some respect for the owner of the place.. OMG!! its like an ultimate cuckold for me!! while she played with herself to cum.. afterwhich i cummed on her nice belly..

looking forward to bonk her there the next time..

his bf condom after they bonked... arghh

Thursday, August 23, 2012

FB Page

hello everyone, we just set up a fb page so you guys can interact more openly. will update more there.. click to join!