Monday, December 24, 2012

Free Sex Toys give away celebrating 1 Million page views!

Merry Xmas Guys!!

Woaaah.. when i log into the page view section of blogger today , was shocked that the total page view has crossed 1 Million in total!! 

Pageviews all time history-- 1,033,037 to be exact!

Unique views has crossed the 500,000 mark as well.. thank you all for your support throughout the years..  We started in May 2008 and its been a good 4 years since..

To celebrate our mark, I made a quick call to our sponsor and has gladly agree to sponsor us free sex toys hampers to be given away! Each is worth at least $100 with enhancement rings, dildo and vibrators as part of the package.

How do you win it?

All you need to do is to submit entries of you and your partner engaging in any of the THOSE activities: Threesome, Hotwifing, Orgy, Swinging or Exhibiting or you ladies posing in your sexiest ever, pose with a paper sign writing "I Love SGTHOSE" , snap a photo and submit to us via .Titled: celebration give away!

Daily Winners will be picked and we have lots of hampers to be given away! Hampers will be delivered to you Free ! Entries close daily till 31 Dec 2012. We have a total of 9 hampers to be given away!

Send your entries in now! To kick off, the first qualified entry wins a hammper right away!

To reward your loyalty thus far, here attaching a recent all time favorite butt of Princess!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

festive seasons..

its been awhile! well princess is busy holidaying while I am busy with work. Anyway recently, i received a request for a random bukkake session for a local girl.. i have been in contact with her on a regular basis..  those interested pls send in your facial pic and title: bukkake interest. its a free session.. all you need to do is wank, cum and go.. that simple.. will update you guys when she activate us.

meanwhile, its xmas season! support our sponsor and clear their stocks!! new season stuff coming in next year!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

In search..

Will search for e ultimate slut, exhibitor and Hotwife. Did I mention only Local qualifies?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Introductory session for THOSE

I've been receiving lots of email asking me how to and questions about THOSE (Threesome, Hotwifing, Orgy, Swinging, Exhibiting) lifestyle. Hence, I've decided to organize a understanding THOSE "seminar".

This is for couples or singles who are into THOSE. Single guys are to be into hotwifing and exhibiting to qualify. You are to write a short description to explain why u r interested in hotwifing and exhibiting.

Couples or females qualify for all categories.

This is a regular meet n share session at a regular cafe. Good chance for those exploring the lifestyle to understand more.

All interested to attend pls email me at it's FREE!

After getting a good number of registration, I'll fix and arrange a date.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Our sponsor is having a clearance sale! And all items MUST clear in 1 week!

They have been very kind to us thoughout and are clearing their inventory and starting a new way of sellin the toys!

Check them out

Friday, October 19, 2012

Alvin and Vivian Saga

lots of media have wrote to us about comments on this case. 

In my own opinion, the media is curious about them because of their ID and have been so bold with it. while I think there is nothing wrong with their acts, I believe their id exposing acts will eventually get them in to unwanted trouble in future. there are many other prominent bloggers who shared this socially unacceptable fetish with the online sphere. but i think we would rather remain as the fantasy figure whom you will never know even if we are sharing a table with you in the hawker centre.

everyone has a habit or something which you are very keen on. every lady has a slut in them, its whether they are comfortable coming forth about it.

This saga has certainly put the rest of us in the lime light for now. Lets just hope that we can get over it and move on with it soon enough.. 

Give these couple a break. they are just a couple who bonks infront of the camera for free to fulfill your wanking needs!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Local MILF needs help

this is a rare type of posting i will do here..

ok.. first thing first, I am helping to post and screen for credible bros here. not taking a single cent at all. once i clear u, u proceed to contact her straight..

i was talking to this friend whom i had not met for sometime and she told me about her situation now.. and she is willing to try FL to clear her debts. I have not bonk her before so here is the physical description.

I QC the girls i know.. so I can give you the quality assurance on the looks part.

Her descirption below.

Age: 30 (gave birth 3 years Back)
Looks : completely like a sweet demure lady.
Body: slim
Wt: max 50kg.
damage: 280/ session

Gives good massage and time is very flexible. You book the hotel and she goes to your designated place.

peeps who are interested, please email me at

please be nice to her, she is really a very sweet girl..

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Talkbox on iphone

for those who wants to send in your voice mail.. pls download talk box from the app store.. its free, just search for SGTHOSE


Thursday, September 13, 2012

In case you wonder..

A pic of her butt as reference..

Princess scores a double!!

Princess just called me moments ago and I will pen it down while its fresh in my memory...

Princess was not feeling really good and her co-worker who has been very keen on her, pampered  her and bought medicine for her. insist that she finish the medicine while when he bought it back.. with that simple trick, it totally worked for her.. and soon she was interested in him.. he looks like a cute model, thai btw. then she was out drinking with her friends last night. this thai boy was also in the group..and soon she was in his room making out with him..he wanted to do her raw but as a rule of the thumb.. we dont do strangers raw. she insist that he gets his rubber..overall, Princess comment was "No size, skill not great.."

She then slept over his room till morning when she wen back to her room where she shared with her female co-worker.. then she realised that her bed had someone on it.. =( she then knocked on the ajoining door where the ang mo was sleeping in there.. he opened the door and let her in..

she has a pair of irresistable ass where she could use to work wonders.. she the laid on the bed and perk her butt out.. the guy then waste no time in grinding on her.. before long he whipped out his cock and start teasing her.. he then reached out for his rubber and did princess in missionary and ended in the all time favourite doggy position.. her comments "ang mo got size, skill not great"

she had left her hp in the other room.. damn.. anyway its a long weekend.. i am sure she is capable of getting something..

Monday, August 27, 2012

Presenting my taiwan import

She's open to ideals of THOSE.. At e exploration stage now.. She's given bbbj to random strangers.. How cool is that ?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

at princess's bf place

since i have some time now, shall do a recollection sometime back..

Princess is now dating a ang mo and stays frequently at his place.. and everytime she tells me about her stories, it never fails to arouse me tremendously. including going on for 6 sessions over a weekend and more recently, he has made her cum.. OMG! its like quite an ulitmate thing for me.. and as expected, he is more well endowed than me... and she says it always fills her up fully and completely.. her pussy always feels so sore after a session with him.. its constantly driving me crazy..

as such she has little time for me and i have to find a new slut to bonk.. i have since gotten a taiwanese chick who is pretty horny as well.. i will see and post when i decided to present her to you guys here.. 

for now, let's go back to princess.. 

there was this day, i got invited to her bf's place and she showed me around the house and explicitly told me in details which corner of the house and how she had been fucked by him around the house.. imagine all the details which she had previously told me has now come together to form a complete puzzle.. which gave me an instant hardon.. then as we move to the bedroom, she decides to undress and made herself cum while i wank off besides her.. i tried to bonk her then and there but she insist that i should show some respect for the owner of the place.. OMG!! its like an ultimate cuckold for me!! while she played with herself to cum.. afterwhich i cummed on her nice belly..

looking forward to bonk her there the next time..

his bf condom after they bonked... arghh

Thursday, August 23, 2012

FB Page

hello everyone, we just set up a fb page so you guys can interact more openly. will update more there.. click to join!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bukkake on monday 25 June 12


ok, since its all about THOSE, I have got this girl who is in need of $ and wants to do this for once. She always had this fetish of people cumming on her and when i spoke to her that this can possibily help her out of her situation, she agrees to give it a shot. So here is the deal.

Guys get to cum as many times on her as you want.
No limit of race.
You get to touch her however you want.

When she says no, its no. You will be shown the door if you dont take NO for an ans
No cock to pussy penetration (unless she agrees at that moment)

Interested parties are to send in your headshot to with your name, contact and why are you keen on this. If you are selected, you will be sent an account number which you require to transfer the money over. Location will only be released at 1800h upon you making the payment..

Damage is S$200. Session is 2 hours. Food and drinks will be provided. Event will only proceed if there are at least 15 guys participating.

Sorry, by now you should know that we dont do nonsense. Irrelavant questions will not be entertained. .

If you are keen, send your application in now with the title " SG Bukkake"

FYI, I am not taking a single cent from this event, all proceeds will go to the girl. I doing this purely to promote the spirit of SG THOSE. By the way, we have our own domain now so you can get directed to us faster and easier.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Princess out with toy boy

Princess is now out with her toy boy, been away for quite some time and I cant stop but to miss her badly and the thoughts of that boy bonking her real hard really turns me on. She will tell me how big his cock is and how well it fits her when they are bonking when we are bonking from time to time. the thought totally drives me crazy and it brings me to look for the old pics we had last time. the good old pics last year.. which I have choosen to share with you guys for this week end!

She LOVES her ass grabbed this way while being bonked

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Soft Dogging at Fort Road CP

as all of you may know that Fort Rd cp is a gay pick up joint but we chose to go there as we were having supper just around the corner. i think we turned the guys around and they became straight for that moment while we were at it.. I will leave the detailed FR to those who came. and thanks for being gentlemen and obeying the dress code so we know who were invited! of cause the invited ones has got the perks!! i think you guys had a good conversation among yourselves!

ok, let me recall, Princess was stripped into her bra and g string before she bend over to give me a BBBJ. 1 bro arrived and stood just next to us watching! (thats the spirit!) it wasnt long before i got hard on and bend over princess for doggy, more guys eventually decide to stop over and watch us in action.. i think due to performance anxiety, didnt get as hard as i wanted to and princess has to do her job again on my tool.. this time round.. VIOLA!! i continue to pump her as i remove her to her birthday suit.. it was some decent pumping before i asked princess if she is ready for the public touching.. and it wasnt long before i got the windows down and our invited friends start to feel her over.. with touching her boobs and her nice perky ass, it was totally a sigh for me from the rear.. then those passer-bys decided to help themselves and 1 indian guy reached out for her boobs, its pretty dirty fun to have a total uninvited guy to join in but he pinched slightly too hard for her little nipples.. he then moved his hands to her clit.. it was then i realised that it was too much for me before i cummmmmed into princess..

while driving away, princess got a shock at the number of people who was crowding around.. a fellow bro emailed us and told us there were as many as 17 of them around!! waoo! anyway, it was a good experience and thank you all who came!


So far 3 bro confirmed coming.. For those who haven't checked your email. Pls check and revert now !! Event begins in 1 hr or less.. Right after our supper!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

out exhibiting

Updates: I will be dropping an email to a selected few here.. the email will contain the activity location, see you there!

subscribe to the email fee on the right to receive the latest updates!

we will be out exhibiting tonight.. those interested drop us an email with your face AND cock pic and hp number.. you might just get lucky and have a chance to grab princess's boobs!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yang Tze Cinema Bonking

i always had this thought of bonking princess at the adult cinema. its simple, you are there to watch porn, hence you will naturally not mind watching a live act in there. it was one of the wed recently and we just bought a random ticket to just any show.

the show was pretty boring and in fact too boring.. princess and i decided to change to the other theatre next door. apparently the auntie there dont really give a damn! after awhile of watching, we began to get bored and princess was actually not wearing anything below.. i began touching her and before long, she bend over to give me a BBBJ. the seats were not very comfy and she decided to mount onto facing me instead.. her pussy was really wet. her movements of rocking got stronger and it caught a guy nearby's attention. he was actually 3 seats away on the row infront. but dont know why he moved to over the other corner.. i think its easier for him to watch us. he was trying to get another guy to watch us. anyhow, princess was wearing a short skirt and i purposely flipped it up so anyone who happened to look over will know exactly what we are doing.. in fact, i was expecting someone to come real close.. oh well, this is singapore afterall.. princess even asked me from time to time if anyone is coming over and what is happening as she cant see whats behind her.. oh yes, we were on the last row.. i was sooo prepared to let anyone just ANYONE to touch her if he dares..

the seats became too cramp for comfort after a good 15 mins and i suggest to princess for us to do it standing up doggy so we can ramp our hearts out. she was wearing her heels and hence made the entry height just sooo fitting and nice.. i think the guy was wanking off and came too fast as he rushed to the toilet after awhile we started standing.. momentum eventually got stronger as i began to feel the cumming sensation.. princess then moved swiftly to swallow everything to prevent a mess as a result..

it was ok for a first time but hoped you guys wouldnt shy away watching if you see it happening in Yang Tze Cinema again.. i mean even if its not us.. i am pretty sure the rest wouldnt mind peforming LIVE!! cheers

Monday, January 2, 2012