Thursday, February 19, 2009

Former aquaintance to bonk

supposed to be working now but got bored.. well let me share with you how it happened..

knew this girl like a year ago... loves to drink and seems like always quarrelling with BF..

drank with her on a few occasions but nothing happened when one day i received her sms.

S: "want to come find me? i am at XXX."
me: ""y miss me ah? who are you with? not flying already?"
S:" no longer already, with me frens now.. want come?"

long story short, i pack up and head over to meet her.. there is always this liking between the both of us from the start I guess..

she welcome me with a big hug when i reached the pub and when we got into the pub, we held hands and hugged each other like bf gf.. lots of teasing and we were very intimate talking to each other into the ears.. could hear her breathing heavily and she smells good.. we cont to drink and it was before long she got high and asked me to leave with her..

off we left heading towards my car.. "where to?" i asked. " anywhere but home" so i drove to the tg rhu side..

you know how crowded the place can be with all the cars by the roadsides and some of them driving the lorries and camp overnight there.. well.. so i wind down the window and listen to the music..

as we chatted on, she suddenly burst into tears.. oh well, must be the bf i guess.. after some consolation, she suddenly grabbed my face and started kissing me.. being a weakling with zero resistance to such circumstances usually, i relented.. her hands moved towards my jeans and rubbed hard.. being the boobs person i am , i couldnt help but to move my hands to her nice boobs (as shown in the pictures) she likes it hard on the squeeze..

she is getting fiercer and the moment goes by, she puts my seat down and being bbbj on me.. oh my god.. with all the slurping sound, things just got steamier.. not forgetting the surrounding is all ppl and the windows are down.. she seems like she couldnt care less... being the exhibitor i am, i was naturally turn on by all her actions ignoring what is going around her.. before i could know it, she has taken away all her clothes in the car! i wouldnt be suprise if ppl are watching us..

with her engine started, she climbed over me and begin to rock me like there is no tomorrow.. RAW! she is so wet.. and she goes (word for word) " you like fucking me ah? come on harder. harder dun stop.. oh my god omg... please... ah hmmm...ah.. if you gonna carry on pumping me, i will fall in love with you.. please.. dun stop..."

we changed positions after positions and one of the best was dogging her as you can see her curves right smack.. the piak piak sound seems to travel around the entire tg rhu.. she is a real cummer.. cum after cum.. she seems weak on a knees.. from a dominant to a submissive.. she regains her energy and push me back on my seat and starts to bbbj again .. she is really enjoying her self.. she alternates between rocking and bbbj .. woa.... and the killer came when she says" come inside me! i am yours.." its all guys killer i guess.. with the spectators around.. i got totally blew away and getting ready to explode in her.. and just before i did, she withdrew and shaft it into her mouth... "OMG!" and squirts of my cum was being sucked out by her.. oooh.. not letting a single drop off.. she looks into my eyes as she plays with the cum in her mouth before she said" now you see," swallows down "now you dun"

totally drained out..

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  1. Great story and pictures!!!! More Pics pls