Wednesday, June 16, 2010

contribution from reader Jon

i have received an email from a fellow supporter from this blog who desires his girl to be a slut.. here is his email and photo contribution.. please support and comment...

"Hi bro,

I've attached both mine and my girlfriend's photos. You can post on your blog. I don't really have much of her photos that I can send you at this time but I will try to take more in future. She is very caution when I take photos. You can write it anyway you like be it insulting and degrading (I don't mind in fact it kind of turn me on to read)"

So fellow bro, maybe you want to write a story line from him? thanks reader Jon

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

bull for training

i have received some requests from some husbands and ladies to get them into the lifestyle of threesome and hotwifing.. if you or you lady needs a guy to for slut training.. let me know.. i will be in touch with you soon..

princess self pleasure

this is princess just before i bonk her..

Monday, June 7, 2010

poll of wankers

we want to do a poll here: have you wank off to our contents before?

please go to the right column and click.. thank you..

yahoo messenger

had difficulty signing to msn sometimes, hence created a yahoo messenger acc.. add us there as well


Sunday, June 6, 2010

princess normal outfit

here's princess before going to work and during dinner today...

3some in action..

cum of both of us...princess bonked by fellow bro
princess ass and pussy view from bro's side
princess blowing me..
princess serving bro..
princess doggy by bro..
the ultimate action shot...
these are the entire action shots... i guess with the story line below, there isn't much i need to say here.. the pictures will form the entire story board.. enjoy! video is up next!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

prelude to 3some

here are some pictures for the prelude to our 3some... stay tuned..

Friday, June 4, 2010

Phuket Trip

We went for a trip to Phuket not too long ago and it was helluva bonking trip.

Princess was wearing next to nothing most of the time and the last night before we left, we were bonking in the pool with her giving me bj while i was sat at the edge of the pool, from time to time...

A couple actually passed by and we totally ignored their presence with Princess slurping away on my manhood.. they were totally oblivious about what is going on.. thought they would be interested to join us.. they were like a feet away from us..

exhibiting got both of us so excited from time to time.. i for one am those who likes to exhibit and don't mind ppl watching.. come on' thats the whole point of exhibiting and yet those peeping can only watch and do nothing about it what.. right? here are some pics of me bonking her in the room before we left for the beach and tan..

Princess's 3some

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out exhibiting

have you join our twitter? please do so if you haven.. we are out on action tonight and here are some shots taken in a carpark.. we had a VIRGIN threesome with Princess recently.. the pictures will be coming soon..