Saturday, October 31, 2009

submission of stories

meanwhile, if there are those out there who are willing to share some stories and pictures, feel free to do so and send to me.. once THOSE community gets bigger, we can then have a party.. btw, this ex of mine is undergoing thru a transformation to be a slut.. hopefully an ultimate one.. if you are kinda of lost.. she is the one who went slept with other guys with my permission and guys groping her in clubs.. although we have been trying to seperate for the longest time, but it never seemed to work, i just to went to her place a few days ago for another bonk.. well, she IS a good bonk seriously.. hmm.. my bad habit perhaps..

here's some pictures for the weekend..


hi peeps, sorry, the blog was previously blocked by blogger and so happen i got the time today and hence.. *BOOMZ* here it is a new link with new contents.. start tagging on this new link now..

ex beauty queen

thought this pic is pretty awesome.. there you go.. she is the same girl as in the post "just broke up gf"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

some shots of the slutty one..

its not easy to obtain shots of her.. so hope you guys enjoy this.. the 2 were when she went overseas last night and sent them to me to arouse me..

Monday, October 19, 2009

another 3some..

if you guy have follow closely, you realised there is this ex of mine whom i recently introduced 3some..

we met that day at kovan 81 and this time round with a bro from SBF...

as she laid next on my lap with my cock next to her, Bro S started using the vibrator on her... before long, she arched her back with stronger moans.. as she turned toward my cock to give it a good suck, she gets wetter with her body jerking non stop..

S puts on a condom and began bonking her, she was really wet as i can clearly hear the squashy sound.. she was then put onto doggy by S who clearly enjoyed the sigh of her nice round ass.. her moans can be heard a few doors away. S picked up his speed and it wasnt long and tough before S cum on wonderful visuals of her sucking on me and her nice firm ass being pumped..

as we switched, she was slutty and horny to grab S whenever possible as she knows i enjoy this side of her. she would grab his balls and arouse him in whichever she can while i pumped her non stop in missionary... she has this look which most guys cant take it whenever you look into her eyes..

i unloaded when she began to look sluttish and started sucking on Bro S...

we had a 1 on 1 session before we start e 3some, lets see if i can get a pic up here soon..