Sunday, February 26, 2012

Soft Dogging at Fort Road CP

as all of you may know that Fort Rd cp is a gay pick up joint but we chose to go there as we were having supper just around the corner. i think we turned the guys around and they became straight for that moment while we were at it.. I will leave the detailed FR to those who came. and thanks for being gentlemen and obeying the dress code so we know who were invited! of cause the invited ones has got the perks!! i think you guys had a good conversation among yourselves!

ok, let me recall, Princess was stripped into her bra and g string before she bend over to give me a BBBJ. 1 bro arrived and stood just next to us watching! (thats the spirit!) it wasnt long before i got hard on and bend over princess for doggy, more guys eventually decide to stop over and watch us in action.. i think due to performance anxiety, didnt get as hard as i wanted to and princess has to do her job again on my tool.. this time round.. VIOLA!! i continue to pump her as i remove her to her birthday suit.. it was some decent pumping before i asked princess if she is ready for the public touching.. and it wasnt long before i got the windows down and our invited friends start to feel her over.. with touching her boobs and her nice perky ass, it was totally a sigh for me from the rear.. then those passer-bys decided to help themselves and 1 indian guy reached out for her boobs, its pretty dirty fun to have a total uninvited guy to join in but he pinched slightly too hard for her little nipples.. he then moved his hands to her clit.. it was then i realised that it was too much for me before i cummmmmed into princess..

while driving away, princess got a shock at the number of people who was crowding around.. a fellow bro emailed us and told us there were as many as 17 of them around!! waoo! anyway, it was a good experience and thank you all who came!


So far 3 bro confirmed coming.. For those who haven't checked your email. Pls check and revert now !! Event begins in 1 hr or less.. Right after our supper!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

out exhibiting

Updates: I will be dropping an email to a selected few here.. the email will contain the activity location, see you there!

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we will be out exhibiting tonight.. those interested drop us an email with your face AND cock pic and hp number.. you might just get lucky and have a chance to grab princess's boobs!