Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Queen maiden Sex club in Toronto

let me put my thoughts in writing before the images started faded away.. This post will be on what happened in the club, will be quite a lengthy one, hope you dont mind.. We will update that episode with that black guy on another post..

On a side note, although Princess had parted ways with me, she is still keeping tabs on my stories and updates. Anyway Princess, you are nothing short of being amazing during our time together, the vengeful sexcapades you have really turn me on and you really have a slut within you, if you ever want to consider another journey with me, you know how to get me..

Oops, Queen who reads this may get so jealous that she will squirt non stop during our sessions.. Queen , dont worry, you know where you stand..

So back to the US trip we did sometime back, we pop over to Toronto for a good time. I went on to search for the best sex clubs around and came across this place "Oasis" http://oasisaqualounge.com/ This place is really amazing, from the site, you can see that its a full facilities club where you can laze around all day long. We met couples who literally took that place as a private club to chill when they are free in the day.

So Queen always seem to be the reserve and shy girl from the outside.  As we first explored the place, she was surprised and full of questions why are people able to be so comfy in their own skins where there are so many people. We eventually got changed out of our clothes and wrapped ourselves in towels as we began exploring the place. This place is huge and you really cant tell from the outside that this place has everything you need for a night of fun all under one roof. Level 1 is the common bar and check in area with the outdoor pool and hot jacuzzi as shown. We were told that we can have sex anywhere on the premises except for the jacuzzi place.
On the second level is the dungeon and the changing area if I didnt remember wrongly. Level 3 is the common play area where there is lots of cushion and a bar as well. There were SOOO much action happening at this level as all couples end up playing at this area. If you want to take things private, there is s private room at the top level where you can lock yourselves inside and indulge. 

As so we began soaking ourselves in the jacuzzi as we were just having random talk and there were about 20 other people in the house. Then there came this white couple who are in their late 30s or early 40s. The guy who is quite plump introduced himself and say they come by once in awhile. He is a opera singer, let s call him "O" for easy identification and the wife "R" who had the perfect tits just said next to me and they seem like a really nice couple. We were the only Asian couple in the house and we were getting quite some attention and having a pleasant outlook helps as well.

I could tell the O & R were really into Queen and Queen always has this tenancy of sucking a pair of beautiful tits. R probably have a cup C with hourglass figure. Local Canadians. Hence, as the conversation went on for a few minutes, I took the opportunity to ask if Queen was keen to play with that pair of tits, as you can expect it, she was shy but reached out for them none the less. Queen then went on to suck those pair of tits as I watched on with a raising cock. O then took the opportunity to feel and fondle Queen all over, before he reach out to play with her pussy.

As R was enagaged playing with Queen, her right hand reach out for my cock, stroking them gently. Queen the eventually went over to O as O began to kiss her like long lost lovers. Was it just me or you guys will also get turn on by watching your partner gets into a intimate "love" kiss with another man?? O was sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi as Queen begin to work her magic on his cock. R and I then engage in some hot kissing as she pry open my legs and start giving me the warmth of her mouth. At one point, both girls were working on different guys. I keep looking at Queen as I only get very turned on if she is into this game. O had laid down while Queen knelt next to him to serve him.

R was alternating between kissing me and blowing me when I suddenly realised that Queen had mounted on O RAW!!! I was very shocked and taken aback when that happened. I really didnt expect her reserved mode to be switched on so fast. I was busy kissing R when I saw Queen riding O. I swear my cock was bursting at that moment. A later questioning then revealed that Queen wanted to ask for permission for the next step but she saw I was "busy" hence she took instructions from O to just mount onto him. OMG. crazy shit happens. I then flipped over R and prepared to thrust her. Her ass was simply lovely, really soft and round. At this moment, the club staff then came over and reminded us "No Sex in the hot Tub" Ooops, I guess we were just too engrossed in our world.  We then stopped and decided to proceed to Level 3 for more action. I could remember this part clearly as Queen kept using that moment during our dirty talking to stimulate my mind on our sexxions afterwards.

We were on this small couch as we took it from where we left it. The other big beds were taken up by others. In the clear view of all others, O and I were seated as the ladies took their time to do magic on us. Queen kept looking at me and reminded me at what lengths she could be pushing. She kept asking if I like my first white pussy. Queen then sat on O while I pound R from behind. Her ass and tits were really lovely I could clearly see them shaking, it felt that R was really enjoying from all the pounding. We immediately moved to a bigger bed once we saw a group finishing and left.

So many patterns happened here, both of us dogging the girls as they were kissing and playing with each other, O doing Queen missionary and R was being doggy by me, Queen and R then formed a 69 where Queen could see clearly what my cock thrusting in and out of R and at some point, she was licking my balls as I pounded her. O seem to have some performance anxiety at this moment as I could see Queen having to perform "CPR" on him from time to time to keep him hard. As said, we were like animals performing for whoever is standing around when I took noticed of this couple. The lady was Asian with very well toned body and a firm ass. The guy looks like a Jamacian black and had quite a sizeable cock. I kept signalling to Queen if she wanted them to join in as I saw that the guy is turned on and gets a hard on. The asian girl then blew him while they watched on. But Queen was in her own world.

I was sitted up when R then faced me and rode her way, I couldnt help but to keep fondle them and sucking them like a child. Queen was teasing my cock from time to time. I peeked from the corner of my eye when I thought that O got hard again and was ramming her. Queen had amazing moanings and her moans would let the guy think that he is the greatest fucker alive. This went on for awhile when I began to hear O grunting, that clear indication that he was going to cum. That moment set me quite crazy as I expected O to withdrew and cum all over Queen's back and ass. BUT that didnt happened, Queen's moaning was echoing the entire level as O went on pumping harder and harder. It then set upon me that he is going to cum inside her RAW!!! That was a very very confusing moment for me. I was shocked but yet very turned on, I increased my pumping for R. I was angry at the same time that O didnt warn Queen that he was cumming. The grunting then became louder with might. Queen seemed to enjoy that very moment. The mixed feelings in me all happened too fast and too much in such a short period of time. I could see very clearly as he trembled and unloaded every single drop into her. It was absolutely insane, R was just smiling all these while. What triggered me to the max was that the time was at her peak of her fertile period. OOOOMMMGGGGGG!!!!

That jealousy and anger intensified and lingered on as O thanked Queen and just walk off like that! Queen was left in a state of "Oops! what just happened? Oh no, its my fertile period!" While riding me, I told R that Queen is having her fertile period and she was like " oh I am sorry.." not very sincerely thou.. She then dismounted me and both Queen and her took turns to blow me while I am still trying to recover from what had just happened. R told us that although she had"closed her factory 5 years ago" she is still paranoid that she might get preg. Hence she is worried that I cum inside her as well. She then thanked us for an enjoyable evening as she left to find her hubby. 

Queen was left blushed to face me, I told her to stopped having negative thoughts about getting preg. Instead, I mustered my darkest desires and asked her to mount me. She knows what I was thinking. She the started tellingme that she could feel my cock at the same time O's cum is still dripping inside her. She then played along and said the filthiest a slut could say. " I am your slut, you like when people cum inside me?" "Now, cum inside me as well.. see who can get me preg?" OMG, its totally insane and killed me almost instantly as I couldnt hold back anymore. I then jerked into her and trembled non stop. We then kissed and began to find back our lost souls. As she lifted herself up, the whole load of cum was dripping down her tighs.. The messy creampie is such a sight to behold.

Although worried, I think she had a good time. The thoughts kept running through my mind till this day. And that marks the start of a new chapter...