Thursday, November 3, 2016

Reader contribution- Fairy Queen Part 1

"I would like to be named as Fairy Queen from Singapore. It was while on a short trip overseas last week and we come to the idea of exhibiting my sexy body and this as always been one of my fantasy. As it was a hot day and feeling excited after a sensual massage, without hesitation i decided to have some. I wanted to feel wet and excited all over my body. Hope that viewers will like and have good review of my body... more to come is interest is shown.. "

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Paid Gangbang

It's been awhile since we posted but yet we get a tone of emails everyday asking to join us in our sexcapades! Thanks for all the love.

We recently had a friend (MILF to be exact) of Russian and Korean Heritage whom is open to try this for once before she goes back end of the week. But at with a Tip! We are looking for 10 guys to join us. Each participant at $300 each. It will be hosted at a hotel location. Limited to only the first 10 whom email us at

What do you need to send in?
-Subject heading : Paid Gangbang
-Content: your Wechat ID , your mobile, normal facial pic and a dick pic of the local newspaper of the day

*Do note the organizer reserves all rights to process any incomplete application
*Full payment to be made prior to the event via PayPal or cash before start of event
*Upon which once we verify you, you will also be in our data base and be kept in the loop for all our events in future.

What happens at the party?
-No phones allowed except for the organizer.
-If you don't have an idea what's a gangbang, search online for "gangbang" porn.
-Pls be gentle to lady if you want the time of your life
-Condoms to be used for play unless specifically mutually agreed between you and the lady
-you will be shown to the door and no refund given if you choose to violate the rules of being a gentleman.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Play now..

You guys know the rules.. Send in your detail via wechat now : Sgthose