Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yang Tze Cinema Bonking

i always had this thought of bonking princess at the adult cinema. its simple, you are there to watch porn, hence you will naturally not mind watching a live act in there. it was one of the wed recently and we just bought a random ticket to just any show.

the show was pretty boring and in fact too boring.. princess and i decided to change to the other theatre next door. apparently the auntie there dont really give a damn! after awhile of watching, we began to get bored and princess was actually not wearing anything below.. i began touching her and before long, she bend over to give me a BBBJ. the seats were not very comfy and she decided to mount onto facing me instead.. her pussy was really wet. her movements of rocking got stronger and it caught a guy nearby's attention. he was actually 3 seats away on the row infront. but dont know why he moved to over the other corner.. i think its easier for him to watch us. he was trying to get another guy to watch us. anyhow, princess was wearing a short skirt and i purposely flipped it up so anyone who happened to look over will know exactly what we are doing.. in fact, i was expecting someone to come real close.. oh well, this is singapore afterall.. princess even asked me from time to time if anyone is coming over and what is happening as she cant see whats behind her.. oh yes, we were on the last row.. i was sooo prepared to let anyone just ANYONE to touch her if he dares..

the seats became too cramp for comfort after a good 15 mins and i suggest to princess for us to do it standing up doggy so we can ramp our hearts out. she was wearing her heels and hence made the entry height just sooo fitting and nice.. i think the guy was wanking off and came too fast as he rushed to the toilet after awhile we started standing.. momentum eventually got stronger as i began to feel the cumming sensation.. princess then moved swiftly to swallow everything to prevent a mess as a result..

it was ok for a first time but hoped you guys wouldnt shy away watching if you see it happening in Yang Tze Cinema again.. i mean even if its not us.. i am pretty sure the rest wouldnt mind peforming LIVE!! cheers

Monday, January 2, 2012