Thursday, February 19, 2009

interest in groupie to hotwifing..

i started out maturing faster than any other people in my age range.. guess its inside me.. started swinging at age of 20.. i guess no other teens in singapore can match that.. hope to bring upon this platform where like minded exhange stories and make this lifestyle a bit more interesting..

have many stories.. lets start with a recent one.. while the memories are still fresh..

recently talked my gf into this lifestyle of hotwifing.. the idea of her being bonked by another man is absolutely mindblowing.. it was a special occasion on V day when she suddenly tells me that she is in the mood to party.. since it was a special occasion, i said why not? she loves to dress sexy, recently i even talked her into going braless.. she has nice pointed nipples, hence she would be able to carry it off very well and attract lots of attention should she goes out braless. she decided to go braless in a very translucent dress that night.

we met at a local night spot and when i saw her.. the blood rush was madness.. she would normally cover up but that night.. her nipples were pointing at everyone.. every where she went, attention was on her and guys were ogling at her.. when she came back from the dance floor, she was telling me that all the guys were staring at her.. when asked if she likes the idea of people looking at her? she replied like a little girl "yes"

after some drinks, she became louder before we decided to adjourn to another club.. this time round, all her friends were there and you can tell that her friends were surprised as well.. she went on having more drinks.. she would disappear from time to time and before i know it she is gone again.. when she came back, she whispered into my ears" daddy daddy, i was touching XX just now and I kissed him." i smiled.. "ok" "then i pulled his hands to my nipples and asked him to fondle me! hehe!"

Oh my god, this was absolutely turning on as she disappeared into the crowd again.. i was very curious to see this time round what was she up to so i stood up and followed her with my eyes.

this time round, she chatted a couple at the bar counter.. it was before long where the guy decided to buy her a drink.. she held on to him leading him into the dance floor.. music was pumping.. as hard as my heart could take it.. it was jealousy but teasing.. their eyes were locked as they started to french each other's hard.. the naughty her then reach for his groin and lift her hands to her boobs.. you could tell the guy's shocked expression but which guy would reject?

things got steamy but she came back shortly after.. she asked me to leave with her and hence we left the place to the hotel room we booked for the night..

back in the hotel... we didnt even wait to shower and we were bonking everywhere in the room.. i even brought along the vibrator which she likes to use whenever we are bonking.. from the bed to the window to the toilet.. there is also this side of me where i enjoyed exhibitonism.. when we were at the window, there were actually people looking up and all i care was to bonk her for ppl below to watch..

back at the bed.. half way fucking each other.. the door suddenly opened! oh my.. if it was another couple, they would prolly freaked out! but i was as cool as anything can get and continued our business.. cause its even more turning for me for another person to watch at such a close distance!!

but the door went shut shortly after, guess it was a case of wrong key issued.. you can feel her wet pussy drooling and with all the fantasy talking.. it was before long i am going to cum.. i wonder if it was the alchohol, i managed to convince her for me to cum into her mouth.. but the additional surprise was her swallowing me in the end..

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