Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bukkake on monday 25 June 12


ok, since its all about THOSE, I have got this girl who is in need of $ and wants to do this for once. She always had this fetish of people cumming on her and when i spoke to her that this can possibily help her out of her situation, she agrees to give it a shot. So here is the deal.

Guys get to cum as many times on her as you want.
No limit of race.
You get to touch her however you want.

When she says no, its no. You will be shown the door if you dont take NO for an ans
No cock to pussy penetration (unless she agrees at that moment)

Interested parties are to send in your headshot to with your name, contact and why are you keen on this. If you are selected, you will be sent an account number which you require to transfer the money over. Location will only be released at 1800h upon you making the payment..

Damage is S$200. Session is 2 hours. Food and drinks will be provided. Event will only proceed if there are at least 15 guys participating.

Sorry, by now you should know that we dont do nonsense. Irrelavant questions will not be entertained. .

If you are keen, send your application in now with the title " SG Bukkake"

FYI, I am not taking a single cent from this event, all proceeds will go to the girl. I doing this purely to promote the spirit of SG THOSE. By the way, we have our own domain now so you can get directed to us faster and easier.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Princess out with toy boy

Princess is now out with her toy boy, been away for quite some time and I cant stop but to miss her badly and the thoughts of that boy bonking her real hard really turns me on. She will tell me how big his cock is and how well it fits her when they are bonking when we are bonking from time to time. the thought totally drives me crazy and it brings me to look for the old pics we had last time. the good old pics last year.. which I have choosen to share with you guys for this week end!

She LOVES her ass grabbed this way while being bonked