Thursday, February 19, 2009

an outdoor KTV girl exhibtion

went drinking with some friends recently.. at the ktv, the girls would come forward to ask if they can join in.. most often they will " butterfly" around other rooms so that their income is sustainable..

there is is girl which came in and ask if she can sit down, i replied her that she can only sit down only if she do not jump from room to room... hence she decided to sit down..

she was really funny and she kept all of us entertained throughout the night.. she was hellavu exhibitionist when she dared one of my friends to suck her boobs as she pulled her sleeves off her shower exposing her white nice boobs..

damn, lets see how far we can go with this.. as i drove her to fort road carpark as i knew there would be a lot of guys peeping in that carpark... after we left the ktv.. she was high while i was high and horny at the same time.. without much thinking, i pull off her dress, she was super wet as i drilled her.. her moans were loud enough to attract guys to walk towards our car..

some guys began to crowd around watching the action, this was totally turning on as she is more than a C cupper.. as she realised that many guys were watching, she began moaning louder.. i told her that if she like, she can be a ultimate slut by letting stranger guys touch her.. she shouted back"come on! who's afraid of who?"Fuck ! i thought..

I wind down the window while pumping her at the same time, i told the guys around the car to touch her, there were 2 of them.. there were some hesitation but it was before long when one of them started squeezing her boobs.. what a sight!

this turned me even on as its like the "dogging" scene you see overseas.. the other guy was wanking away as he also started to squeeze her boobs.. she got hornier by the moments as squeeze my cock against her pussy.. wooo.. the rush of semens was so great that the cum sprayed on to her face.. the other guy who was wanking came shortly on her boobs as well.. with an head signal. the guys retreated as she began to regain her normal self..

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