Thursday, February 19, 2009

my ex (part 1 of 2)

although we had a lot of sexy times together..but there is this one which i cant forget.. for the better or worse.., it kinda make me sure that i m out for this alternate lifestyle of groupie, hotwifing etc.. it happened quite sometime ago.. so here i am trying to piece together what happened.. now i have move on into a new relationship.. this current one is for the better in every single term definitely.. darling.. you know it even when you are reading another experience of mine..

i taught this ex of mine.. lets just call her Q.. Q was a average looking girl with super sex drive.. can cum like no one else business.. based on my judgements, she would be one who would enjoy multi party sex as well.. so slowly, i talked her into it.. it was before long she started to explore the pleasures with other men.. after that she would come back and tell me about all her stories.. those includes going to house parties and got high and end up bonking like 4 to 5 guys at one go.. those would fill me up with jealousy.. of course i would want to have one such party for myself.. before she started one such party, we had a threesome which involves her university friend.. she decided on that guy as she was bonking him way back in university days..

i could still remember the jealousy which filled me up as i watched them kissed and taking turns to go down on each other.. they were so familiarised with what each other's habitual was.. that makes me even more jealous.. they kissed like long lost lovers.. i was totally out of the picture while they were at it as it seems to me..

the pumping and blowing took place interchangeablily.. she was a natural wet slut.. she blows and eventually mount on him.. stroking her hair with her hands as she cowboy rode him with smoothness of that of a season rider.. he pumped her doggy while for once she turned towards me and started to blow me.. she knows what i like.. twigging the balls and pushing me away after a while to turn me on further.

he was pumping her really hard while her screams could be heard clearly from the door ways, when suddenly she pushed him away and take off his rubber... leading him into her afterwhich.. that was madness, crazy and insane as i put it.. doing herself RAW! all i did was to watch them in full hardcore action.

she was having her non stop multiple orgasms when the guy pumped her faster and eventually unload everything into her mouth.. as you guessed it.. she swallowed everything..

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