Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Playing tonight...

Possibly Looking to do a Singapore gangbang today. Those keen pls let us know. Potentially also looking at also Queen playing with a young boy, the youngest legal as possible.

-Candidates should be clean shaven and not ask any questions when selected.
-Just come play n go.
-will be filming this so u have to be ok to be filmed
-Need to send in your facial picture for selection. --To start after 8pm.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Virgin gangbang in NYC- Slu-ore

Needs no further words as a Gangbang was arranged for Queen. Msg tonnes of them with 8 of them spontaneously replied and came over within an hour. 3 BBC, 1 young boy, 1 in his 50s, 2 very cute guys and 1 other guy..

They took their turns on Queen and calling her names and harsh instructions on her. I had a non stop erection like those of a Viagra effect. A new term "slu-ore" combined of slut and whore was bestowed on Queen.

One BBC filled her up so well and cummer himself 3 times that she can't even feel herself squirting while another queen was so mesmerized by this other cute guy that she asked for a solo session with him. But sadly he had to leave for work. These 2 creampied her. The BBCs were slapping her face with their cocks.

The way Queen is so obedient further turns me on. The rest all gave Queen a bukkake. Her face was filled with nothing but loads of Cum... When they were all done, i asked Queen to thank them. Smelling and licking the used pussy and face gave me immense gratification beyond words can describe.

Can't put all these in words. 2 hours of non stop action. Till we try for another record again...

I love you Queen!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bukkake session on Valentine's Day

Looking for guys for a bukkake session to commemorate a special Valentine's Day today.. Happens in the evening.. It will all be in a flash.. Will give 1 hour notice in advance and once we had our share of fun.. It will just end whenever we feel like so..

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shanghai Noon

Every time while we travel, it's an opportunity to play without having the fear to meet some one you know! Hence when I woke up this morning, I had the urge to get Queen into action..

While the Craiglist in Shanghai isn't the most useful or active, we tried using their most successful mobile app wechat to search for someone friendly nearby and I have to say that Queen is pleasantly surprised by who we found nearby. Some one foreign and looks really cute! Queen was like going gaga over him. It's kinda of first time for him. But well, it's amazing how spontaneous he can be!

While searching a radius of 100m to where we stay, he was nearby and pop over in less than 15 mins!

Initially hesitant, he was quick to strip down and queen begin to work her magic on him without the need for prompting. He nearly cum while queen serves him well. I quickly went behind her n bump her while she sucks him well. The big PLUS is that he's keen shaven, something really unexpected for someone whom we picked up randomly.

It was before long when queen decided to ride him. Quick transition to missionary with Queen screaming n moaning at the top of her voice! Queen was eager to get into her fav position showcasing her greatest asset. The doggy perky ass indeed killed our new friend within minutes!

Queen was like a little happy girl after I cum my loads on her while our friend gets dressed up to leave. All in an hour of fun with minimum planning and a great friend newly found! I'm sure we will have him back at our session very soon!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wechat swingers chat group

Genuine swingers pls drop us an email. We will add u into our exclusive group.

Single guys who requests will be added onto a separate group

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Queen returns to Oasis Aqua Lounge Sex club once more...

This next chapter happened too fast and was too mind blowing to remember all the details. As you could have guessed, that once was never enough.. I knew we had to go back there once more before we head back to our mundane life in Singapore..

It was 2 days before our flight and we decided to head back there earlier this time. We were there before 8pm this time and the sky was still very bright. Queen was feeling a tad tired as I usually get very horny when I am on overseas trips. I must have worn her out..

I remembered it was a themed night where they had this sensual lady massuer who came in and demonstrated to people at the club how to give your partner a good sexy massage. Oh boy, was the lady instructor very very hot.. she got the perfect figure with the perfect 'tear' shape tits which all men will die for. Sometime later, I actually saw the massuer being tied to a rack and guys were actually queuing to do her! Queen and I was just lazing and floating around in the pool as we watched people making out and the massuer demo. I was determined to make this as memorable as possible as it could mean some time before we have another chance of going to a sex club.

I was scanning for the right couple to play with when I decided to get Queen into the club as the place is getting cold. We were soaking at the jacuzzi again while watching everyone who walks by. Just then, this couple who looked very familiar entered the jacuzzi as well. It was the Asian girl and Black guy who was watching us while we were at it 2 days ago! OMG, its like dream too good to be true. I made signals to Queen and she was like "ah huh.... so your tanned babe is here" sort of jealous looked at me.

Girl is K while Guy is R here. So we were chatting in the hot tub while I was thinking of how things will unfold later on. I was excited that Queen was going to try yet another black cock and I have always had something for tanned asian girls.  We learnt that they were regulars here and they will hang out whenever they are free. Here at the club, K can get all the nude sunbathing she needed to keep her tan on. I was careful not to cross the line as seemed to be desperate. I could tell that R was keen in Queen as he was lamenting how innocent and good actress Queen was while doing Mr O that night.  In the next hour, we spoke to a few couples casually and among them were this black young couple and its a first for the lady. There was this other old enough to be our parents couple who was trying to start a conversation with us. They were generally nice but just not our type.

Fast forward, Queen and I went to level 3 and find a good spot to chill. There is this place where they have a huge TV showing porn with a big red cushion. Somehow, R & K saw us at this spot. We then proceed to discussed about how hotwifing and seeing our partners enjoying themselves had became our no.1 fetishes. I was told by R that K had only recently discovered the exhibitionist side of her and she becomes a complete slut with an additional dose of alchohol and she enjoyed DP very much. Among the stories which turns me on the most was that in this other club some time back, K&R was drinking and she ended up blowing and swallowing 3 other guys which she didnt know who they were, after some drinks. And earlier that afternoon, K & R was at the club and K had received a DP! Thats definitely a hot slut! 

The old couple then came along and wanted to join us but you could clearly see that R wasnt too happy with them and they left shortly after. K then excused herself to the washroom while Mr R was there talking to us. I then asked if Queen could touch his cock. His eyes were delighted as he obliged, I saw Queen's little hand stroking that harden manhood. K came back shortly and I asked if she mind Queen giving R heads. K agreed and she came sitting next to me. Stroking me slowly. To give Queen and R more space, I pulled K to the other side of the cushion so they can have the corner to themselves. The hot passionate kissing then ensued. The girls seem to know very well what to do. K was giving me all the deep throats as Queen tried her best to take in R's full length. R was also surprised to know that Queen is a squirter and wanted me to get K to feel that magical moment as well. He also commented that Queen definitely dont look as innocent as what she seems to be on the outside! This time round was quite different as we were lusting for each other for awhile since we saw them that night. Queen loves thick fingers as I saw R inserting his into her. Her moan was to that of a rock music. Both the couples were constantly checking and looking at each other to ensure that the flow of jealousy in hotwifing was there. K kept telling R to do Queen well and kept praising him for being the bull, while I encouraged Queen to treat R as her master and serve him well.

We could hear the guys next door screaming at the top of their lungs as a couple of them came in and asked if they could watch us. I certainly think that we had put on quite a show!

What started out soft began to up its speed with lots of "porn movie" moves. I was digging her so well that R told me he had never seen K reacted so violently towards a man's digging. While with R, he was treating her like a dirty slut slapping her ass in doggy as he pumped away. He was grabbing her hair and choking her. Somehow, all the reaction from Queen implied that she was really enjoying herself being treated like a whore. I was excited that I got to pump that firm ass of K as the whole shape from behind was simply amazing. K wanted it very badly that she kept asking me to pump her harder. I had to slow down at times so I dont cum too quickly. Queen echoed her sentiments as though she doesnt want to lose out on her performance.  Lots of dirty words were exchanged. I got tremendously turned on to see how R had man-handled Queen. The craziest shot that Queen injected into me was when I hear her groaning out to R " OOOOhhhh.... come on baby, pump me harder and CUMMM inside me, I am all YOURS!!" And when R was about to cum, he pulled out and slapped his cock on Queen's face and Queen went " ooohhhh give it to me, cum into my mouth and let me drink you up!" I guess that really  killed it as R unloaded a full load into Queen's mouth. She swallowed every single dropped of it!! All these visuals are too much for me as I pumped K really hard. I then flipped her over and digged her as best as I could, from the trembling, I could tell that she had a series of orgasms spasmiming. 

The only person whom had yet to get his share of cum was me! As K&R went off to get changed, I began pumping  Queen facing me. She was re-enacting what had happened just now and she let out a killer info when she told me that she had asked R when they were kissing to bring her to the private room while K and I play at the cushion, she was very jealous when I was kissing K passionately just now and she wanted to do something she knew would have killed me if it really went through. THAT WAS IT!!! It nearly killed me! Imagine she and R will be all over each other in a place I cant see them! That was ultimate hotwife jealousy!!! It didnt happen as R was afraid that K would get mad at him.

R&K then came back shortly fully clothed to bid us bye. I was still humping Queen when R bend over to engaged in another series of passionate kiss. While thrusting Queen, I then turned to K and squeezed her tits commenting on "nice tits!"  and kissed her deeply. The feeling was building and I finally relented when I recalled Queen calling out to R to ask him cum inside him.  

What a night! We exchanged emails and hope to see both K&R when we return next time!!

P/S: if you guys K&R are reading about this! hope it relieve some great moments we had!