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Friday, October 6, 2023


Room number 1611

My boyfriend and I were lying on the bed in the hotel room - 1611. I would normally feed him with some stories before I climb onto him for an exciting night before we sleep. 

I always recalled how excited he gets when asking me questions like "How many men do you think you can serve at one go"? "Can you imagine how slutty you get when you are so used by them?". 

The thought was both pleasurable and satisfying -  to imagine myself getting fucked and used by many different men. I could just imagine how used and wasted I would get, slowly savored by them, yet moaning loudly in satisfaction, begging for more. Sometimes I would let my mind wander like this, and surprisingly find myself delighted imagining this new gameplay.

"Are you going to sleep?" he asked. 

"Yeah, pretty tired today. We should rest early?" I replied.

I looked at him, waiting for his reply.

"Hmmm, I have someone arranged for you."

I should have guessed it sooner as it felt like he was waiting for something, or perhaps, someone.

"Oh? How many?", feeling slightly anxious as I asked. I was nervous as I wasn't sure of the party size.

"Not too sure about it, it depends on how lucky you get."

Shortly after, the doorbell in the hotel room rang. I walked over to the door naked, knowing that someone is coming for me. He was a middle-aged man in his 40s, or probably 50s. I would describe him as an old man in my judgement. Instantly, I lead him to the bed and started to remove the pants off him, excited to serve him while my man watch. 

Just as I was doing that, the doorbell rang again.

This time, it was a young Indian man. He looked overwhelmed, seeing me naked with 2 other men in the room. I got down on my knees and started to serve the first man, caressing his dick slowly, making sure that he gets aroused. The young Indian man walked towards us and I could see that his cock shot up hard and ready.

I turned towards him and asked, "Are you ready to fuck me?". I started to touch his hard dick while he gently pushed me down on the bed. I spread my legs wide apart, running my fingers on my inner thigh while preparing for him to enter me. I was already wet and horny by then, and I desperately need a dick to satisfy my hunger. 

"Ahhhhh…ahhhhhh….." I moaned subtly. He placed a pillow underneath me so he could get a complete view of my wet pussy and my clit peeking out in readiness. His dick entered me and I could feel all of him, the desperate urge within him. He begins to quicken his pace, and he lets out a moan – a moan of satisfaction and lust. He squeezed my breast and quickened his pace once again, thrusting into my hole as I whispered into his ears, begging him not to stop. At the same time, I kept my hand busy as I stroked the other man's dick to make sure that he was well-served as he watched with full envy. The Indian man got so excited that he couldn't contain his cum. He moaned and held onto his dick, with both his hands overpouring with the cum he just ejaculated.

Just as I was enjoying the sight, the door bell rang again. This time round, a young Malay man walked in. He looked somehow shy, but immediately put down his bag and undress to join in the fun. I was attracted by the newcomer, and so I went towards him and asked him if he would like to enjoy my tight pussy.  "I want you to cum all over me because I wanna feel dirty tonight", I whispered into his ears. He immediately kneeled on the bed and forcefully grabbed my ass, bringing it close to him. 

I felt his cock push deeply into me, and I lowered my body to feel more of his dick….I saw the young Indian man watching from a distance, and I asked him to come nearer so that I could have a taste of his dick again. With my wet pussy getting fucked, I stuffed his hard dick inside my mouth while enjoying getting banged. I had always imagined myself getting stuffed with a big dick both in my mouth and in my vagina at the same time, thinking about how helpless I will feel in the moment of pleasure. 

Just as I was deep into my thoughts, I felt the pacing of the thrust quicken, and I knew he was about to cum. "Im cumming … ahhhh….i'm cumming…. !". I could feel the cum spreading all over my back, dripping down my hip and finally onto the bedsheet.

"Now I want you to serve him and make him cum. Do you understand?" my man commanded, pointing to the old man who was lying on the bed and hadn't got a chance to get his dick inside me. Although I was slightly exhausted, I nodded in obedience and did as I was told. I leaned over the old man in submission and started to lick him. The thought of my boyfriend getting aroused and hard on made me even more eager to serve as I continued to please the old man, imagining myself licking up his cum later.

The other 2 men stood around the hotel room, 1 standing by the table, another one waiting by the bed, each of them watching in fascination while stroking their own dick, hoping to enter me for a second time. They were watching me desperately, yet patiently. 

I knew I needed to please the old man as my boyfriend instructed me to, and I had to listen.

This time, two black men came into the room and I stopped and thought to myself, "OMG, this gotta be crazy!" As soon as the two black men approached the bed, they started undressing. I couldn't help but lean my body towards them and start kissing them passionately. I kneeled down again, this time round with my nipples erect with excitement. 

The first black guy has a thick and reasonably sized dick, the biggest dick amongst the men in the room whom I had served tonight. I was determined to get his dick inside me and so I got on my knees and greedily took his dick into my mouth. At the same time, the other black guy kneeled on the floor and pushed my legs to spread them wider. He dipped two fingers dip inside of me, slowly at first then quicker with yearning enthusiasm. "Hmmmmm….Yes yes yes….ohhhhh…".  I started to touch myself all over and groped my own breast. And before I realised it, the moment of pleasure had left me squirting all over the floor. I looked at the huge pile of water and was quietly satisfied with my performance.

"Whoever is ready can take her first", my boyfriend said. 

The black guy who did a great job at fingering me grabbed me and pushed me on the bed. He quickly came on top of me and tried to fit his dick into my hole. He was thrusting so hard, so hard that I could barely breathe. It has been awhile since someone fucked me so hard with desperation, and I could feel that I was so wanted by this man. I could feel the wet between my legs, my clit hardening…. I ran my fingers down his back… then his legs… until I hear him moan and begin to fuck me even harder. "You like it rough don't you" I asked him. His breath was coming in harsh bursts, his nostrils flared  as he replied, "Yes…oh I……." before he could complete his sentence, he drew out his dick and cum all over my body. I opened my mouth and let out a deep moan…."Ahhhhhhh.... " 

I was gladly pleasured by his performance. I slowly spread his cum all over my body and looked up. The other men are waiting to take their turns on me again, to satisfy their lust.

By the time all the men left, my body was already burning.  I wanted my man's dick inside me, I wanted him all, and I wanted it now. My climax was deep and I just felt like I needed to get fucked by him so much. I leaned forward to kiss him and climbed onto him, and at that moment I could no longer hold myself back. I felt his hard dick inside me, inside my tight and wet pussy. I held onto his arms tightly, striding slowly… and quickening my pace gradually…"Ahhh baby.. Im cumming…ahhhh….".  At the same time, I thought to myself, " I'm using his dick right now. I'm in control of how deep he penetrates me with each thrust of my hips and I just want to enjoy the sensation". He looked incredibly hot when he loses himself and tells me how he enjoys me being his slut.  Then, I imagined him grabbing me while grinding up against my body, his hands on my thighs, and lips circling my nipples. The thought of it just made my pussy grow wetter by the second. 

Suddenly, I heard him moan and felt the gush of cum rushing inside me. "You're my good girl", he said as he smiled.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Size matters

After playing for so long.. we decide to temporarily pull the curtains and restrict our play to a limited few.

We decided to create a small group which we can count on based on your manhood size. This group will be called upon whenever we feel like playing. You will have to submit a pic with measurements ruler of your erected rod as below. Email us Sgthose@yahoo.com with your contact details.

Minimum qualifier as per 7" or 17.78cm in length OR 2" or 5 cm in diameter.

Till then.. 💋

Club BC.. size matters

After playing for so long.. we decide to temporarily pull the curtains and restrict our play to a limited few.

We decided to create a small group which we can count on based on your manhood size. This group will be called upon whenever we feel like playing. You will have to submit a pic with measurements ruler of your erected rod as below.

Minimum qualifier as per 7" or 17.78cm in length OR 2" or 5 cm in diameter.

Till then.. 💋

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The last time round..

The last time round when we asked for a hitch driver. Queen paid back w a creampie in a white BMW. She had a good romp of about an hour at the back of his car near IKEA Tampines. I was told she started kissing him before rubbing his pants. Queen went prepared and got braless and pantyless before meeting. The driver then rubbed his way to her clit. She was moaning w a wet pussy. BBBJ when they reached their destination and non stop romping for an hour before she came home w a hot creampie.

When she came back, I prepared another guy for her as a surprise. It was a young 18 year old whom was supposed to take his A Levels the next day. He sneak out of the house for this romp. We first had him last year when he was barely 17. Young and fresh. The idea of Queen old enough to be his mama turns us even further. I was hiding in the other room where I was trying to hear them. She came out looking for me and told him she would be too tired to serve me after. I was swarmed w hormones raging. I stood outside listening to their actions for a good 15 minutes before she came and ask me in for a double action. I was so swarmed until I can't wait to pump Queen hard. While doing so this young boy gave Queen a bukkake n some in her mouth. Queen took the opportunity to kiss me sharing his cum w me. Story ended w me having a good cum mixed w the driver's.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Raya GB

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Friday, December 14, 2018


I want you to join my group on MeWe 

This is where we will live stream! We will be leaving tumblr soon!