Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pre Xmas party 19 Dec 15

Would like to have a pre Xmas gangbang tonight.. ONLY open to guys with minimum size of 7" clean shaven. Prefer real Afro black or white Bulls. If you meet the above requirements, send in your request WITH facial and cock picture. Failure to meet any of the above requirements will strictly not be entertained, due to sheer massive numbers applying. Application via wechat and email. Send in your application and wait. No queries will be entertained. This is to happen on 19 Dec Sat at about 11pm or later. Remember this is our game, you play by our rules. Any stupid questions will get you banned immediately.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Outdoor fun

Had good #outdoor car fun when #Queen decided to open the door and show case to the world #singapore #sgthose #carsex #exhibitionist #asian

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Playing tonight...

Possibly Looking to do a Singapore gangbang today. Those keen pls let us know. Potentially also looking at also Queen playing with a young boy, the youngest legal as possible.

-Candidates should be clean shaven and not ask any questions when selected.
-Just come play n go.
-will be filming this so u have to be ok to be filmed
-Need to send in your facial picture for selection. --To start after 8pm.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Virgin gangbang in NYC- Slu-ore

Needs no further words as a Gangbang was arranged for Queen. Msg tonnes of them with 8 of them spontaneously replied and came over within an hour. 3 BBC, 1 young boy, 1 in his 50s, 2 very cute guys and 1 other guy..

They took their turns on Queen and calling her names and harsh instructions on her. I had a non stop erection like those of a Viagra effect. A new term "slu-ore" combined of slut and whore was bestowed on Queen.

One BBC filled her up so well and cummer himself 3 times that she can't even feel herself squirting while another queen was so mesmerized by this other cute guy that she asked for a solo session with him. But sadly he had to leave for work. These 2 creampied her. The BBCs were slapping her face with their cocks.

The way Queen is so obedient further turns me on. The rest all gave Queen a bukkake. Her face was filled with nothing but loads of Cum... When they were all done, i asked Queen to thank them. Smelling and licking the used pussy and face gave me immense gratification beyond words can describe.

Can't put all these in words. 2 hours of non stop action. Till we try for another record again...

I love you Queen!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bukkake session on Valentine's Day

Looking for guys for a bukkake session to commemorate a special Valentine's Day today.. Happens in the evening.. It will all be in a flash.. Will give 1 hour notice in advance and once we had our share of fun.. It will just end whenever we feel like so..

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shanghai Noon

Every time while we travel, it's an opportunity to play without having the fear to meet some one you know! Hence when I woke up this morning, I had the urge to get Queen into action..

While the Craiglist in Shanghai isn't the most useful or active, we tried using their most successful mobile app wechat to search for someone friendly nearby and I have to say that Queen is pleasantly surprised by who we found nearby. Some one foreign and looks really cute! Queen was like going gaga over him. It's kinda of first time for him. But well, it's amazing how spontaneous he can be!

While searching a radius of 100m to where we stay, he was nearby and pop over in less than 15 mins!

Initially hesitant, he was quick to strip down and queen begin to work her magic on him without the need for prompting. He nearly cum while queen serves him well. I quickly went behind her n bump her while she sucks him well. The big PLUS is that he's keen shaven, something really unexpected for someone whom we picked up randomly.

It was before long when queen decided to ride him. Quick transition to missionary with Queen screaming n moaning at the top of her voice! Queen was eager to get into her fav position showcasing her greatest asset. The doggy perky ass indeed killed our new friend within minutes!

Queen was like a little happy girl after I cum my loads on her while our friend gets dressed up to leave. All in an hour of fun with minimum planning and a great friend newly found! I'm sure we will have him back at our session very soon!