Thursday, February 19, 2009

my ex (part 2 of 2)

this will probably be the last time i write about her as i hope that she will go down into the history and not come back into my life again though she is a good fuck.. hope whoever finds her.. enjoys her..

it was all unprepared.. it was suppose to be just me and her.. but i felt imbalanced for her to have her share of fun without me involved at all.. so this time i made a secret arrangement..

it was half way through our bonking session, prolly just started the foreplay part.. i left the door apart with the latch as a way to block it.. so anyone can come in at anytime.. while both of us were at it naked, the door opened ajar.. P entered slowly, Q didnt realised until she felt another pair of hands on her.. she got a shock but she was too horny to reject.. she grumbled a bit though.. she knew it was all part of my plans for P to join in.. so she played along.. sucking him while i fingered her.. things progressed as i began to insert into her.. as usual, she was wet and easy bonking while she focus on the other cock infront of her.. i saw the light from the door opening again.. S had just reached..

he quietly stripped down himself while i signal for him to join in.. with a cock in the pussy and another in the mouth.. she was beginning to get into the momentum when she felt another pair of hands on her! she was really really shock this time to the extend that she pushed us all away.. but i was too horny to ignore what she wasnt prepared for and get all the guys to clamp her down. fingers in the pussy and 2 mouths on her nips, it wasnt long before she relented, only to curse the situation, shouting "fuck you XX, why did you arrange for this?" look who is the slut talking here..

the guys took turns on her as she accustomed herself to the situation.. she began enjoying serving the boys but she also ignored me at the same time.. she wanted to make me jealous and regret for what i have arrange.. she took them in the mouth and in the pussy one after another.. but rejects me everytime i try to get closer.. she was screwed in missionary with 2 cocks on hands, alternating between mine n P.

S decides to bonk her infront of the mirror and she began to show her true colours by showing her slutty face and tongues.. S picks up his speed and Q began cumming non stop.. S pass Q over to P as she starts to ride as a pro.. she throttle front and back skillfully and blew on S at the same time.. i could only watch with envy at this point of time.. i told them to cum into her mouth as her mouth was meant to swallow any dicks.. i could sense that S was about to cum and true enough, he came shortly after Q sucked onto him with lots of loud slurping. due to the riding, cum could be seen flowing out of her mouth.. she did that on purpose i know.. she looked into my eyes sluttily.. giving me a smirk on her face.. that of a victory that she conquered S.. Pcaught sight of it and withdraw from the pussy and headed straight to her mouth.. i took the chance to attack her doggy.. everything was buliding up.. P's face gave himself away as he began to cum into Q's mouth..

all these visuals were all but too much for me as well as i became the last one to unload into her mouth.. she made a small noise after which.. a noise which indicated.. "thank you for the actions and donation of cums tonight!"

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