Thursday, February 26, 2009

live in action (in connection with the previous story)

she was out for movie this time round.. i asked if she is gonna get laid again tonight.. "Do you want me to?" that was the reply i got from her.. "maybe i will get him to touch my pussy, need to go in for the movie now.. ttyl"

that was it..that message got me all in anticipation what was going on in the theatre.. hours passed when my phone rang. she was in the ladies trying to tell me what happened just now eg, like she rubbed onto his cock and he fingered her in the theatre.. O, my gf then asked me what to do next. Without hesitation, i told her to bonk him. so she left with him to his apartment.

i flew down to the place faster than anything else. she smsed me once they got into their apartment. moments passed slowly as they began chit chatting and soon after the touching begins.. this got me all up and watching intensively. O was all over him laying down when his hands began to roam her body,, it was no doubt that he wants to be in her again tonight..

his hands wandered into he undies and start to finger her.. you could clearly tell that O was being aroused as her hips moved up and down.. O proceeded to take off his shirt and unbuckled his pants.. what really turns me on was when i actually saw him placing his hips at my gf's head.. THATS IT! my gf was actually blowing him!! OMG! the action of blowing got faster that he could not take it and withdrew immediately and started bonking O..the hips thrusting actions, the loud moanings, back scratching and leg lifting of the entire time couldnt stop and replayed again and again.. and when the momentum increases, there you have it.. the guy cumming straight at the love hole.. with my O moans travelling throughout the estate...

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