Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So this colleague of mine (we'll call him S) has been using all his cheesy pick up lines for the longest time and always showing off how much of a casanova he is... and whenever we were alone in the office (sometimes, he deliberately stayed back while I finished up my work just to be alone with me), he would touch me briefly or brush past me. On a few occasions, even when we had company, he would try to tease me when no one was looking.

So after several small teasing sessions around the office when no one was looking, he started to suggest we go somewhere for some fun. So I thought, "why not?"

We ended up somewhere in town... he was already waiting for me in the room because I was running late from an earlier appointment.

As I stripped myself, I knew he had his eyes on my butt. He told me before that he loves butt more than boobs and when I was wearing a particular pair of shorts that flattered my butt, that was when he started having more interest in me.

After washing up, I wasted no time. I got right into action and started playing with his cock. It wasn't very big for a eurasian guy... I'd expected bigger.

I played with his balls as I sucked on his cock... he was already hard from staring at my butt earlier on so I didn't even have to try very hard at all.

He told me that he wanted to go down on me, so I laid on my back and let him do it... It was not too bad... I guess his tongue worked quite well.

He started to fuck me in the missionary position... unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it very much, maybe because of his average-sized cock... I tend to prefer cocks that are 7inch and above, and I think it's something I'm already used to.

Most people say that its not that size that matters, but it's how he uses it... I'm guessing S doesn't use his very well? I honestly didn't feel very much like moaning, but I made some noise just to keep it going and I didn't wanna be completely mean to him.

I tried to talk dirty with him and asked him about the girl he was dating, and asked him to tell me what he likes about her... turns out that she cums very easily with his "methods", so I told him to do his magic on me, but he told me he was already doing it.

Maybe my standard's just too high.

He asked about the other guys that I've played with... so I mentioned E's 8inch thick cock... and he went soft for a while and I had to blow him to get him hard again so he could fuck me properly.

After a while, he told me he wanted to fuck me doggy style so he could see and feel my butt... so I turned around and let him do it. I brought out my trusty bullet (my best friend in bed!) and put it in position while he fucked me from behind, hoping I could make myself cum.

He came before I did.

And it was all over. That was fast.

I don't think I'll be doing him again in the near future... it holds no excitement for me!

German 3some

I was looking around for more caucasian guys to play with, so Exhibitor (E) put up a forum post on my behalf... quite a few responded and we shortlisted 2 guys.

I contacted one of them, who will hereafter be known as M, and asked if he was gamed for a threesome. Thankfully, he said yes! So we got it on. M is German.

I went with E after work. It was M's first time doing this threesome thing so he was quite shy and nervous at first, so E and I did our best to make him feel comfortable.

His cock was about 7inches I think... and not thick. While he was washing himself up, I started blowing E, but as soon as he came out, E told me to attend to him instead, which I did.

I focused all my attention on him and he started to get more warmed up after a while. I started to kiss him, to which he reacted by kissing me back really passionately, and then he moved downwards and started sucking on my nipple... I could feel his tongue brushing over the tip of my nipple...

Then he laid me down on my back and started kissing me again, his tongue swishing around wildly in my mouth.

E, who already hard from observing and taking photos, told me to blow him (M), so I took M's cock and started sucking him slowly at first, then gradually picking up the pace. He was already hard and fully erected and his cock was warm and hard inside my mouth.

After a while, he decided to go down on me, and as I felt his tongue licking my clit, I pulled E closer so that I could blow him while M pleasured me. He alternated between licking and sucking my clit and playing with my boobs at the same time.

M wanted to fuck me, but before he did so, I sucked his cock a while more to make sure that he was as hard as he could get. After a short while, I sensed that he was quite turned on, and if I went on, he could totally just cum in my mouth, but I think he didn't want that, so I slid on the condom for him, and he started to fuck me in the missionary position.

He kissed me passionately while he fucked me slowly, and then picked up the pace gradually... I reached for E's hard cock and started sucking it hard, and before long, M came.

I didn't even know it was over. Maybe he was totally turned on by the whole situation.

So E took over fucking me. I was craving for his thick and hard cock... well, actually, my wet pussy was craving for it.

As he fucked me, M started to play with my boobs and licking my neck... I was VERY turned on because my neck is my catalyst and licking my neck never fails to turn me on... I felt my pussy getting wetter by the second... and the thrusting of E's cock was making me even hornier...

Before I knew it, E pulled out and came all over my body. He told me that he saw how turned on I was and it was too much for him to take in.

I hadn't managed to cum yet!

But it was fun... at least I got to try out a German guy! Can add to my list... heehee. :P

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Princess gets bonked by random French..

Went to Thailand recently just for a quick getaway with Exhibitor (E)... wanted to bask in the sun, suntan topless at the beach, and of course, I was also hoping to try out some fresh cocks. Preferably, caucasian ones.
E and I stayed at a hotel that had a rooftop pool, complete with deck chairs for suntanning. So instead on having to go all the way to the beach for a tan, I went up to the roof for some direct unblocked sunlight!
The best part of it was the the surrounding hotels also had rooftop pools. There was no one at the pool when I went up, so I stripped off my bikini (top AND bottom) and just went ahead to suntan naked. Once in a while, I'd stand up and walk around, hoping that someone from the neighbouring roofs will see me in the nude.
After a while, E came up to join me. By that time, I felt really hot, so I went into the pool to cool off. It was nice to feel the water against my naked body. It's something I cannot do back at home.
E took out my camera and started taking some pictures (which I believe he will share soon enough), and after awhile, he sat by the pool and I started to blow him.
About 20mins later, we heard someone. We had company! I was excited, and I knew E was too, based on how his cock throbbed a little in my mouth.
I sucked him harder as the guy walked past us. He was caucasian and he was pretending not to notice us. So E told me to go give the guy a blowjob.
I wasn't entirely sure how to go about it at first since I haven't picked up anyone before. I swam over to see if his cock was erected in his shorts, but I couldn't really tell. E told me that from a guy's perspective, the caucasian guy WAS erected. So he told me to go over and say "My boyfriend is challenging me to give you a blow job."
It was funny because he turned out to be French and couldn't understand much English, so he thought he misunderstood me. Afterall, how many people randomly offer you blowjobs right?
After a while, he got into the pool, and sat himself by the side while I helped him pull down his shorts. E was right! He WAS indeed already erected!
I didn't wait any longer. I immediately took his 9inch cock into my mouth and sucked him. I started a bit gently just to warm him up, but within 30secs, I was blowing him like how I blow every other guy before.
E was happily snapping away while I was busy sucking this fresh new cock. After about 2mins, E put away the camera and came towards the pool, hoping to fuck me from behind while I sucked on the french guy.
But the french guy suddenly held me tighter and made some moaning sounds, and before I knew it, I felt his warm cum streaming down my throat. I didn't stop sucking... I just carried on sucking until the last drop left his cock.
I think the excitement got to him!
He told us that he was in Thailand with one other friend, so E invited him to our room that night for a foursome, since I had asked for two other guys.
That night, he came to our room. I could tell he was rather excited about it. His friend didn't come for some unknown reason. E told me to leave my clothes on so he could strip me.
So he laid himself down and I started sucking his already erected cock. It felt warm inside my mouth, and it was so hard! He started to play with my boobs (I wasn't wearing a bra) and E told him to take my clothes off.
I kissed him passionately as he took off my skirt and my top, and I didn't stop stroking his cock. After sliding off the straps of my top, he started sucking on my boobs, and then he laid me down on the bed and inserted his fingers into my moist pussy, and started to suck on my boobs at the same time. I was just about to get warmed up.
He slipped on the condom, and quickly made his entry in the missionary position. I felt just how long he really was as he slid inside of me slowly. And he began to thrust, in and out. Deep. I let my hands roam around and explore his body... It was muscular and well-built... and that turned me on more. I moaned a little louder with each deep thrust.
Meanwhile, E was busy snapping away, and he was completely hard from what he was seeing.
After a short while, we changed positions and I got on top on him. I rode him for a while, and he also took the chance to grab onto my ass and bounce me off him. He could really drill me fast and I liked the speed. But before long, he came.
I turned towards E, and excitedly took his thick and hard cock into my mouth and wasted no time in sucking him. Afterall, he had yet to have his share of me that night. His cock was as hard as I have ever seen and felt it.
The french guy gamely came back into the game and started to finger me from behind as I sucked on E's cock.
E wanted to fuck me from behind, so he told the french guy to lie down so I could suck him (and drink up his cum from earlier on) while E fucked me. I went with the flow and took the french cock into my mouth. His cum tasted bitter, maybe because he could have gone drinking earlier on. But I sucked on, hard.
E's cock was thicker that the french guy's so it felt like it filled me up a lot better. E started to pound me really hard non stop, and moans were escaping from my throat as I kept on sucking on the french cock.
Before long, the french guy decided he wanted to fuck me again. So E laid himself down and I took his cock into my mouth. I could taste my own wet and warm juices all over his cock... I didn't even realize how wet I was!
The french guy slipped in again easily this time (since I was still so wet) and fucked me from behind while I sucked on E's cock. The french guy thrusted me hard and really fast for 5secs at a time, and after a short while more, he came again.
And that was all for him that night.
After he left, E and I continued. E was so turned on by what he saw earlier, and when he scrolled backwards to review the photos, he was even more turned on, and he started to fuck me harder and harder. It felt so good since E's cock is both long AND thick.
I took out my bullet (my best friend in sex) and teased my clit with it. I could feel myself getting wetter, and I felt my pussy tighten from the vibrating sensations. Within minutes, I came like there was no tomorrow. My muscles tightened and my body trembled as I closed my eyes tight and took in every bit of the sensation. The cum was so strong that I felt like my clit was trembling even after the cum.
E made me come a few more times, and after I had my share of fun, it was his turn to climax.
He came all over the place! Some cum even shot to my hair and to the pillow, and there was cum all over my body and on the sheets.
I wish the french guy had lasted longer so we could have more fun, but it was certainly nice to try out a french cock for the first time in my life!