Friday, August 27, 2010


i think i am quite bored with ppl asking stupid questions and doing stupid things here.. intending to restrict the viewership to only ppl who are truly interested in THOSE..

thank you to all the sincere followers who have been with us for the past 1 year.. please send your request to be allowed access into the restricted sgthose wef from 14 sept.. will give 2 weeks for allowance..

send all requests to

you have to have a passion for sharing YOUR partner in order to be admitted.. for now, singles looking for a free fuck, unless you have something exceptional to share.. we will think twice..

access by authorisation will begin on 15th Sept..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

princess in action 2..

here's part 2 to our long overdue update... will go outdoors for shoot soon..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Princess latest update..

sorry fellow readers, its been some time since we uploaded some pics.. anyway, trying out new camera.. here is some pics for a start.. meanwhile.. keep sending the stories in yeah?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

handful's encounter with BB couple (Part 1)

What a night... WHAT A NIGHT !!

i remembered dozing off on my bed.. zzZZzzZzz...

then the urge to run off to leak... "OMG.. its 1am n tomolo i'm off.. how can i just sleep the night off....!!??!!!"

after releasing the great gush.. i logged on.. and the 1st site i went to.. SG THOSE.. and then.. i saw it !! bb n his lovely gal is offering to 1 lucky due a chance to watch their 3some !!!! kancheong !!! quickly post n emailed concurrently to them.. and crossed my fingers ..

with a quick exchange with bbgal... i was flying off to the XXX carpark..

turning into the carpark... i was thinking.. " are they real ? why the carpark so bright ? nobody leh ? what if i kena screwed ? how are they like ? "

Dropping a mail to them announcing my arrival, within 5 mins.. they turned in... parking right next to my car... i looked and i was stunned !! BBgal is gorgeous !!!
then they shifted their car.. n parked next to another car.. They stepped out n i realized that the other car had someone in it.. i'll call him Bro S

Not sure what to do next... BB gracefully walked over n introduced himself.. after politely asking me to leave my mobile in the car, we proceeded up fort canning !!!

BBgal : i confessed !! i was checking out your butt walking behind ya.. wondering whats under that mini skirt.. whats at the end of those lovely legs... heee

finding a nice open spot... did i mention "open".. bb and gal is awesome.. they are daring.. yes... Open n Right under the street lamps, BB unzipped and took out his semi erect dick.. ( for the record, BB's got a proper sized tool ) and BBgal went at it.. slurping away !! Me and Bro S sat and watched.... watched.... watched.... then BB beckoned " sit closer"

With Bro S sitting to my left, we watched up close.. listening to BBgal's wet bj being administered to BB... Then another unthinkable happened.. BB nodded to Bro S, and Bro S unzipped... taking out his 2IC too.. then he reached out and started giving BBgal a good boobie massage !!!!!!
WAH LAU !! i looked up at BB and he smiled.... he mouthed " take out your cock " and nodded.. OMG !! i have the same privilege !!

i not shy !! reached out and went fondling.. having a "handful" of bbgal's firm boobies.... left hand kept busy stroking my semi erect 2IC too...

Now guys.. imagine this.. what happened next.. BB pulled BBgal up.. went behind her, pulled her lacy black Gs aside and thrusted in easily.. ( guess she's wet ) BBgal was facing Bro S.. giving him a nice handjob amidst her moans....... POWER !!!!!!! i kept myself BZ... had to.. tweeking and turning BBgal's erected nips... ( did i mention those nips are irresistible) hahaaaaaha...

Suddenly.. BB broke the silence.. asking BBgal whether to proceed to 81 ? i was like.. " oh no... end of my nite" Bro S got up and headed off.... Geez.. Bro S knows what to do huh !! ( later shared by BB that they were together for a while.. he got more privilegde !!!)

BBgal sat on the steps... was tidying herself up when BB laid her back and took off her Gs.. " you not gonna wear this anymore" and then entered her again.. The great news broke.. BB asked " gal.. u like his cock or not...? if u like, he can join us at the hotel.. " BBgal... kept quite.. bz moaning away at BB's pounding.. ( in my heart or mind.. SAY YES ! SAY YES ! )

BB's phone rang.. breaking the flow n the hotel room was ready.....

Part II to come later !!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Joker Idiot conversation

for the 1,190,029,048,895 times in the world i spoke of idiots trying to chat with us, probably you guys need a real example.. here is an extract of a conversation I just decided to post it for everyone to have a better understanding of what an idiot is like.. and by the way, isnt it obvious that the webmaster is a guy?? anyway i just play along.. enjoy the joke..

Aloysius says: hihi says: what you want? u got something to share?

Aloysius says: yes.. a girl who went to my place for a tea, she was my ex girlfriend says: ok got pics?

Aloysius says: she don't want to so i respected her says: then? wat have you got to share?

Aloysius says: when i gave a cup of tea, she asked if i had a sex before, i said nope.. she said, care to try? i said, what??? she locked her lips to my mouth then my cock grew harder so i took her to toilet for a shower sex says: has it anything got to do with THOSE?

Aloysius says: i bet you never had a shower sex? (can you imagine this ???) says: are you 16? please...

Aloysius says: nope.. i'm 23.. my ex was 17.. why please? says: please get a life.. i think i tried everyting under the sun.. dun you understand what is THOSE?

Aloysius says: THOSE?? it got anything with sharing of sex.. i read the blog which you wrote for the reader says: sg those is about THreesome, Hotwifing, Orgy, Swinging, Exhibiting... which part of it you dun understand?

Aloysius says: so it's a threesome sex with hotwifing, orgy, swinging and exhitbitionsim, huh? so it's s share for those who had threesome.. man, talk another day if i got a share of threesome says: the rest of norm stories can go sbf to share, this is about alternate lifestyle

Aloysius says: sbf? says: sammyboyforum... how did you find out abt sgthose?

Aloysius says: from google, when i typed sex blog.. that's how i found this blog says: ok

Aloysius says: so are you interested to have sex?? says: with?

Aloysius says: me and other guy, are you interested? or if you want one on one, it's okay with me says: y should i?

Aloysius says: then when are you available? says: give me your handphone, i call you when i horny lor

Aloysius says: what??? man.. 97662432 don't give others without my permission otherwise i will ignore it... what position you perform? says: what u mean?

Aloysius says: like 69, doggy, ass fucking, ride.. if you do anything, i can do says: i like helicopter

Aloysius says: have you tried on bathing sex... helicopter?? i never tried.. new to me says: u lousy la

Aloysius says: i only tried on anal and ride... what helicopter sex is like??? im curious says: still say you can do anything... lousy ass... you got pics?

Aloysius says: of me??? says: of cuz

Aloysius says: okay.. but in exchange, do you have pics?? i only want the real, not fake says: nothin is fake

Aloysius says: okay.. exchange then says: not interested, y should i be interested in you?

Aloysius says: i see.. okay i will show my pics on msn... here's my real pics says: i m not interested in you

Aloysius says: i see.. then don't save my number thanks.. and don't give other people as well says: i will let the other readers have it to see if they interested or not.. i only do nice cocks... sorry... i think yours is too small

Aloysius says: i see... up to you if you want other reader have my number when you update your blog... my dick is avenge says: ok bye

handful's sharing with BB couple (more to come)

this is a short account of what happened last night.. welcome to the club BB couple! now i got ppl to help lessen my load of THOSE.. haha.. i seen BBgal's pic (gorgeous!), thanks for the sent, i will arrange and meet you guys soon.. may be you can drop a contact no.

handful: yo bro, bb n bbgal not bad

sgthose: hey

handful: they are looking for couples

sgthose: i heard u went to watch

handful: bbgal as hot.. hahahaa, yea

sgthose: where was it?

handful: was at the carpark behind fort canning, then they proceeded to balestier 81, invited mi into the room... woah... power

sgthose: so wat happened?

handful: erm... bb banging bbgal.. she blowing his buddy and me giving her a good boobs massage, she giving me a good jerk off.. hahahaa

sgthose: they had a threesome ya?

handful: yeah,,, apparently, this guy S regular with them.. so he got more " privileges"

sgthose: how old are they?

handful: late 20s ?

sgthose: you should write a nice FR, i will post for you

handful: yea

sgthose: write n email to

handful: will do that, but will let them vet 1st

sgthose: i will post it for you

handful: yup yup !!

sgthose: wat time was it then?

handful: 2.30am steam when i was there.. slpy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

busy busy

been really busy.. thank you everyone for supporting us so far.. its been a pleasure chatting with genuine people here.. i have got couple invitations etc. keep them cumming by the way..

I am looking for couples and ladies who are interested in THOSE.. please drop us a mail at , i will try to arrange a gathering soon... mails with pics will be given priority.. well, this is one of the few methods you can get into this circle without really paying or donating, for those who wonders...

keep cumming......