Thursday, February 26, 2009

live in action (in connection with the previous story)

she was out for movie this time round.. i asked if she is gonna get laid again tonight.. "Do you want me to?" that was the reply i got from her.. "maybe i will get him to touch my pussy, need to go in for the movie now.. ttyl"

that was it..that message got me all in anticipation what was going on in the theatre.. hours passed when my phone rang. she was in the ladies trying to tell me what happened just now eg, like she rubbed onto his cock and he fingered her in the theatre.. O, my gf then asked me what to do next. Without hesitation, i told her to bonk him. so she left with him to his apartment.

i flew down to the place faster than anything else. she smsed me once they got into their apartment. moments passed slowly as they began chit chatting and soon after the touching begins.. this got me all up and watching intensively. O was all over him laying down when his hands began to roam her body,, it was no doubt that he wants to be in her again tonight..

his hands wandered into he undies and start to finger her.. you could clearly tell that O was being aroused as her hips moved up and down.. O proceeded to take off his shirt and unbuckled his pants.. what really turns me on was when i actually saw him placing his hips at my gf's head.. THATS IT! my gf was actually blowing him!! OMG! the action of blowing got faster that he could not take it and withdrew immediately and started bonking O..the hips thrusting actions, the loud moanings, back scratching and leg lifting of the entire time couldnt stop and replayed again and again.. and when the momentum increases, there you have it.. the guy cumming straight at the love hole.. with my O moans travelling throughout the estate...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

virgin hotwifing

moving on.. i am now in a happy relationship now.. a gf who loves me and shares my passion.. a gf who respects and ask for permission before she engages in any stuff..

it was almost evening when she sms me " XX ask me out for a drink.. can i?"

the passionate hotwifing me agreed without qualms although she had told me earlier that she was tired. she was arousing me with all the thoughts of what she was wearing and how she is going to dress to seduce this guy, lets call him N.

N met my gf, O at a bar in the eastern side of the island. they began to drink while i was still at work.. i wanted to sneak a peak but she was really focus in talking to N that she kinda of ignore my smses. I got a bit pissed off and told her that she can enjoy the night with him as i am gonna head home. we were supposed to be at this together but she seems to forget the existence of me..

she called shortly and apologised. after some explaination, i decided to come to terms with it and told her what to do.. she was telling me that N was touching her all over and kept kissing her in public, i told her to allow him to do so.. she said sex was not possible as she was sore.. but i beg to differ.. she hang up shortly and went ahead with the drinks.. from time to time, she will sms me to tell me what she is up to... i was using my wireless internet while waiting for the action to start, i wanted her to be bonked outdoors so i could see them in LIVE, but i got a shocked when i received a sms from her telling me that she was on her way to his apartment.. apparently he is well prepared for this to happened.. i was displeased but she promised to call me and let me listen to the actions...

after some hush hush discussion, we worked out a plan for that night.. she would hide in the toilet to tell me what is going on..

nothing happened for an hour or so and the waiting time seems like forever.. then, my sms came " we are outside buying food" she was trying to locate her own location and girls being girls, they are often lost.. i was desperate to know what was going on.. time seemed to like pass forever.. then she called.." D, i now in the toilet, he was touching me just now, rubbing my legs and he touch my pussy.. he likes my white g-string, what am i going to do?" all these words simply turned me on.. "go out now and lie on the sofa naked" i instructed her..

so there she went and i was later told by her that he was totally surprised at her actions.. then, my hp rang, she told me exactly where she was and i headed down to her location within a flash.. all these while i was being put on the line listening what was going on.. my heart pumped with jealousy and i waited patiently.. i was so excited..

while at the carpark, i could hear their muffled conversations.. seconds tickled down when i finally heard the unmistakeable moan "Ahhhhh... ooooh" thats my girl.. being screwed. moaning loud enough for me to hear her.. i couldnt help myself but took out my cock and started wanking off.. the moaning got louder.. what a slut can she get when she is being bonked! the moaning comes on and off.. so i gathered that she was giving him a blowjob.. a bj would mean submission to most men.. so here i am imagining what is going on, on the other end.. they are rocking each other..

i couldnt hold any longer.. i went up immediately to the unit hoping to catch them in closer actions or at least hear her LIVE.. i was on the line until the reception in the lift cut the line off... damn.. it better be for the better otherwise i would have even lost my only source of "touch"..

i went 1 level above the unit hoping to peep into their unit.. but all i could hear was loud moaning!! oh my god! can you imagine that? that was like sooooo close.. after awhile, i decided to move on to their unit's door step.. and to my surprise.. their door has a open top above it!! damn.. i should have come up earlier! as quietly as i can.. i climbed above the door to have a view of my life time..

there it was.. it was unmistakeable.. her handphone on the table and white top and g-string were on the floor, but where the hell are they? i could only hear louder moanings from time to time again.. i cant wait any longer.. began to call her handphone in hope that she will come out to answer it.. but nothing happened.. my heart thumpered.. jealousy over flowed.. cock rock hard standing..

after a good 20 mins (equal to non stop pumping of 20 mins), she finally came out.. another surge of blood to both my heads as i saw my very own darling naked in somebody else's premises.. she picked up the phone and called me.. i told her where am i and she looked at me.. she was darn cheeky.. told her to perform for me where i can see..but she told me they are done and tired for the day.. asked me to go home and wait.. DAMN!

so the poor me ended up waiting at home.. told her not to clean up so i can be sure that she was fucked... when i saw her back home.. without questions i laid her down and smell her.. the inspection proved that she was really fuck for quite some time.. she smelled of rubber and of cause the unmistakeable wetness in her..

i fuck her hard with her telling me that she obeyed everything i told her to do.. from doggy to missionary, from exihibiting to blowjob.. ooooooh.. there .. i came a full load into her mouth.. glurping down obediently..

Former aquaintance to bonk

supposed to be working now but got bored.. well let me share with you how it happened..

knew this girl like a year ago... loves to drink and seems like always quarrelling with BF..

drank with her on a few occasions but nothing happened when one day i received her sms.

S: "want to come find me? i am at XXX."
me: ""y miss me ah? who are you with? not flying already?"
S:" no longer already, with me frens now.. want come?"

long story short, i pack up and head over to meet her.. there is always this liking between the both of us from the start I guess..

she welcome me with a big hug when i reached the pub and when we got into the pub, we held hands and hugged each other like bf gf.. lots of teasing and we were very intimate talking to each other into the ears.. could hear her breathing heavily and she smells good.. we cont to drink and it was before long she got high and asked me to leave with her..

off we left heading towards my car.. "where to?" i asked. " anywhere but home" so i drove to the tg rhu side..

you know how crowded the place can be with all the cars by the roadsides and some of them driving the lorries and camp overnight there.. well.. so i wind down the window and listen to the music..

as we chatted on, she suddenly burst into tears.. oh well, must be the bf i guess.. after some consolation, she suddenly grabbed my face and started kissing me.. being a weakling with zero resistance to such circumstances usually, i relented.. her hands moved towards my jeans and rubbed hard.. being the boobs person i am , i couldnt help but to move my hands to her nice boobs (as shown in the pictures) she likes it hard on the squeeze..

she is getting fiercer and the moment goes by, she puts my seat down and being bbbj on me.. oh my god.. with all the slurping sound, things just got steamier.. not forgetting the surrounding is all ppl and the windows are down.. she seems like she couldnt care less... being the exhibitor i am, i was naturally turn on by all her actions ignoring what is going around her.. before i could know it, she has taken away all her clothes in the car! i wouldnt be suprise if ppl are watching us..

with her engine started, she climbed over me and begin to rock me like there is no tomorrow.. RAW! she is so wet.. and she goes (word for word) " you like fucking me ah? come on harder. harder dun stop.. oh my god omg... please... ah hmmm...ah.. if you gonna carry on pumping me, i will fall in love with you.. please.. dun stop..."

we changed positions after positions and one of the best was dogging her as you can see her curves right smack.. the piak piak sound seems to travel around the entire tg rhu.. she is a real cummer.. cum after cum.. she seems weak on a knees.. from a dominant to a submissive.. she regains her energy and push me back on my seat and starts to bbbj again .. she is really enjoying her self.. she alternates between rocking and bbbj .. woa.... and the killer came when she says" come inside me! i am yours.." its all guys killer i guess.. with the spectators around.. i got totally blew away and getting ready to explode in her.. and just before i did, she withdrew and shaft it into her mouth... "OMG!" and squirts of my cum was being sucked out by her.. oooh.. not letting a single drop off.. she looks into my eyes as she plays with the cum in her mouth before she said" now you see," swallows down "now you dun"

totally drained out..

my ex (part 2 of 2)

this will probably be the last time i write about her as i hope that she will go down into the history and not come back into my life again though she is a good fuck.. hope whoever finds her.. enjoys her..

it was all unprepared.. it was suppose to be just me and her.. but i felt imbalanced for her to have her share of fun without me involved at all.. so this time i made a secret arrangement..

it was half way through our bonking session, prolly just started the foreplay part.. i left the door apart with the latch as a way to block it.. so anyone can come in at anytime.. while both of us were at it naked, the door opened ajar.. P entered slowly, Q didnt realised until she felt another pair of hands on her.. she got a shock but she was too horny to reject.. she grumbled a bit though.. she knew it was all part of my plans for P to join in.. so she played along.. sucking him while i fingered her.. things progressed as i began to insert into her.. as usual, she was wet and easy bonking while she focus on the other cock infront of her.. i saw the light from the door opening again.. S had just reached..

he quietly stripped down himself while i signal for him to join in.. with a cock in the pussy and another in the mouth.. she was beginning to get into the momentum when she felt another pair of hands on her! she was really really shock this time to the extend that she pushed us all away.. but i was too horny to ignore what she wasnt prepared for and get all the guys to clamp her down. fingers in the pussy and 2 mouths on her nips, it wasnt long before she relented, only to curse the situation, shouting "fuck you XX, why did you arrange for this?" look who is the slut talking here..

the guys took turns on her as she accustomed herself to the situation.. she began enjoying serving the boys but she also ignored me at the same time.. she wanted to make me jealous and regret for what i have arrange.. she took them in the mouth and in the pussy one after another.. but rejects me everytime i try to get closer.. she was screwed in missionary with 2 cocks on hands, alternating between mine n P.

S decides to bonk her infront of the mirror and she began to show her true colours by showing her slutty face and tongues.. S picks up his speed and Q began cumming non stop.. S pass Q over to P as she starts to ride as a pro.. she throttle front and back skillfully and blew on S at the same time.. i could only watch with envy at this point of time.. i told them to cum into her mouth as her mouth was meant to swallow any dicks.. i could sense that S was about to cum and true enough, he came shortly after Q sucked onto him with lots of loud slurping. due to the riding, cum could be seen flowing out of her mouth.. she did that on purpose i know.. she looked into my eyes sluttily.. giving me a smirk on her face.. that of a victory that she conquered S.. Pcaught sight of it and withdraw from the pussy and headed straight to her mouth.. i took the chance to attack her doggy.. everything was buliding up.. P's face gave himself away as he began to cum into Q's mouth..

all these visuals were all but too much for me as well as i became the last one to unload into her mouth.. she made a small noise after which.. a noise which indicated.. "thank you for the actions and donation of cums tonight!"

my ex (part 1 of 2)

although we had a lot of sexy times together..but there is this one which i cant forget.. for the better or worse.., it kinda make me sure that i m out for this alternate lifestyle of groupie, hotwifing etc.. it happened quite sometime ago.. so here i am trying to piece together what happened.. now i have move on into a new relationship.. this current one is for the better in every single term definitely.. darling.. you know it even when you are reading another experience of mine..

i taught this ex of mine.. lets just call her Q.. Q was a average looking girl with super sex drive.. can cum like no one else business.. based on my judgements, she would be one who would enjoy multi party sex as well.. so slowly, i talked her into it.. it was before long she started to explore the pleasures with other men.. after that she would come back and tell me about all her stories.. those includes going to house parties and got high and end up bonking like 4 to 5 guys at one go.. those would fill me up with jealousy.. of course i would want to have one such party for myself.. before she started one such party, we had a threesome which involves her university friend.. she decided on that guy as she was bonking him way back in university days..

i could still remember the jealousy which filled me up as i watched them kissed and taking turns to go down on each other.. they were so familiarised with what each other's habitual was.. that makes me even more jealous.. they kissed like long lost lovers.. i was totally out of the picture while they were at it as it seems to me..

the pumping and blowing took place interchangeablily.. she was a natural wet slut.. she blows and eventually mount on him.. stroking her hair with her hands as she cowboy rode him with smoothness of that of a season rider.. he pumped her doggy while for once she turned towards me and started to blow me.. she knows what i like.. twigging the balls and pushing me away after a while to turn me on further.

he was pumping her really hard while her screams could be heard clearly from the door ways, when suddenly she pushed him away and take off his rubber... leading him into her afterwhich.. that was madness, crazy and insane as i put it.. doing herself RAW! all i did was to watch them in full hardcore action.

she was having her non stop multiple orgasms when the guy pumped her faster and eventually unload everything into her mouth.. as you guessed it.. she swallowed everything..

an outdoor KTV girl exhibtion

went drinking with some friends recently.. at the ktv, the girls would come forward to ask if they can join in.. most often they will " butterfly" around other rooms so that their income is sustainable..

there is is girl which came in and ask if she can sit down, i replied her that she can only sit down only if she do not jump from room to room... hence she decided to sit down..

she was really funny and she kept all of us entertained throughout the night.. she was hellavu exhibitionist when she dared one of my friends to suck her boobs as she pulled her sleeves off her shower exposing her white nice boobs..

damn, lets see how far we can go with this.. as i drove her to fort road carpark as i knew there would be a lot of guys peeping in that carpark... after we left the ktv.. she was high while i was high and horny at the same time.. without much thinking, i pull off her dress, she was super wet as i drilled her.. her moans were loud enough to attract guys to walk towards our car..

some guys began to crowd around watching the action, this was totally turning on as she is more than a C cupper.. as she realised that many guys were watching, she began moaning louder.. i told her that if she like, she can be a ultimate slut by letting stranger guys touch her.. she shouted back"come on! who's afraid of who?"Fuck ! i thought..

I wind down the window while pumping her at the same time, i told the guys around the car to touch her, there were 2 of them.. there were some hesitation but it was before long when one of them started squeezing her boobs.. what a sight!

this turned me even on as its like the "dogging" scene you see overseas.. the other guy was wanking away as he also started to squeeze her boobs.. she got hornier by the moments as squeeze my cock against her pussy.. wooo.. the rush of semens was so great that the cum sprayed on to her face.. the other guy who was wanking came shortly on her boobs as well.. with an head signal. the guys retreated as she began to regain her normal self..

interest in groupie to hotwifing..

i started out maturing faster than any other people in my age range.. guess its inside me.. started swinging at age of 20.. i guess no other teens in singapore can match that.. hope to bring upon this platform where like minded exhange stories and make this lifestyle a bit more interesting..

have many stories.. lets start with a recent one.. while the memories are still fresh..

recently talked my gf into this lifestyle of hotwifing.. the idea of her being bonked by another man is absolutely mindblowing.. it was a special occasion on V day when she suddenly tells me that she is in the mood to party.. since it was a special occasion, i said why not? she loves to dress sexy, recently i even talked her into going braless.. she has nice pointed nipples, hence she would be able to carry it off very well and attract lots of attention should she goes out braless. she decided to go braless in a very translucent dress that night.

we met at a local night spot and when i saw her.. the blood rush was madness.. she would normally cover up but that night.. her nipples were pointing at everyone.. every where she went, attention was on her and guys were ogling at her.. when she came back from the dance floor, she was telling me that all the guys were staring at her.. when asked if she likes the idea of people looking at her? she replied like a little girl "yes"

after some drinks, she became louder before we decided to adjourn to another club.. this time round, all her friends were there and you can tell that her friends were surprised as well.. she went on having more drinks.. she would disappear from time to time and before i know it she is gone again.. when she came back, she whispered into my ears" daddy daddy, i was touching XX just now and I kissed him." i smiled.. "ok" "then i pulled his hands to my nipples and asked him to fondle me! hehe!"

Oh my god, this was absolutely turning on as she disappeared into the crowd again.. i was very curious to see this time round what was she up to so i stood up and followed her with my eyes.

this time round, she chatted a couple at the bar counter.. it was before long where the guy decided to buy her a drink.. she held on to him leading him into the dance floor.. music was pumping.. as hard as my heart could take it.. it was jealousy but teasing.. their eyes were locked as they started to french each other's hard.. the naughty her then reach for his groin and lift her hands to her boobs.. you could tell the guy's shocked expression but which guy would reject?

things got steamy but she came back shortly after.. she asked me to leave with her and hence we left the place to the hotel room we booked for the night..

back in the hotel... we didnt even wait to shower and we were bonking everywhere in the room.. i even brought along the vibrator which she likes to use whenever we are bonking.. from the bed to the window to the toilet.. there is also this side of me where i enjoyed exhibitonism.. when we were at the window, there were actually people looking up and all i care was to bonk her for ppl below to watch..

back at the bed.. half way fucking each other.. the door suddenly opened! oh my.. if it was another couple, they would prolly freaked out! but i was as cool as anything can get and continued our business.. cause its even more turning for me for another person to watch at such a close distance!!

but the door went shut shortly after, guess it was a case of wrong key issued.. you can feel her wet pussy drooling and with all the fantasy talking.. it was before long i am going to cum.. i wonder if it was the alchohol, i managed to convince her for me to cum into her mouth.. but the additional surprise was her swallowing me in the end..