Thursday, October 25, 2012

Introductory session for THOSE

I've been receiving lots of email asking me how to and questions about THOSE (Threesome, Hotwifing, Orgy, Swinging, Exhibiting) lifestyle. Hence, I've decided to organize a understanding THOSE "seminar".

This is for couples or singles who are into THOSE. Single guys are to be into hotwifing and exhibiting to qualify. You are to write a short description to explain why u r interested in hotwifing and exhibiting.

Couples or females qualify for all categories.

This is a regular meet n share session at a regular cafe. Good chance for those exploring the lifestyle to understand more.

All interested to attend pls email me at it's FREE!

After getting a good number of registration, I'll fix and arrange a date.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Our sponsor is having a clearance sale! And all items MUST clear in 1 week!

They have been very kind to us thoughout and are clearing their inventory and starting a new way of sellin the toys!

Check them out

Friday, October 19, 2012

Alvin and Vivian Saga

lots of media have wrote to us about comments on this case. 

In my own opinion, the media is curious about them because of their ID and have been so bold with it. while I think there is nothing wrong with their acts, I believe their id exposing acts will eventually get them in to unwanted trouble in future. there are many other prominent bloggers who shared this socially unacceptable fetish with the online sphere. but i think we would rather remain as the fantasy figure whom you will never know even if we are sharing a table with you in the hawker centre.

everyone has a habit or something which you are very keen on. every lady has a slut in them, its whether they are comfortable coming forth about it.

This saga has certainly put the rest of us in the lime light for now. Lets just hope that we can get over it and move on with it soon enough.. 

Give these couple a break. they are just a couple who bonks infront of the camera for free to fulfill your wanking needs!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Local MILF needs help

this is a rare type of posting i will do here..

ok.. first thing first, I am helping to post and screen for credible bros here. not taking a single cent at all. once i clear u, u proceed to contact her straight..

i was talking to this friend whom i had not met for sometime and she told me about her situation now.. and she is willing to try FL to clear her debts. I have not bonk her before so here is the physical description.

I QC the girls i know.. so I can give you the quality assurance on the looks part.

Her descirption below.

Age: 30 (gave birth 3 years Back)
Looks : completely like a sweet demure lady.
Body: slim
Wt: max 50kg.
damage: 280/ session

Gives good massage and time is very flexible. You book the hotel and she goes to your designated place.

peeps who are interested, please email me at

please be nice to her, she is really a very sweet girl..