Sunday, April 26, 2015

Virgin gangbang in NYC- Slu-ore

Needs no further words as a Gangbang was arranged for Queen. Msg tonnes of them with 8 of them spontaneously replied and came over within an hour. 3 BBC, 1 young boy, 1 in his 50s, 2 very cute guys and 1 other guy..

They took their turns on Queen and calling her names and harsh instructions on her. I had a non stop erection like those of a Viagra effect. A new term "slu-ore" combined of slut and whore was bestowed on Queen.

One BBC filled her up so well and cummer himself 3 times that she can't even feel herself squirting while another queen was so mesmerized by this other cute guy that she asked for a solo session with him. But sadly he had to leave for work. These 2 creampied her. The BBCs were slapping her face with their cocks.

The way Queen is so obedient further turns me on. The rest all gave Queen a bukkake. Her face was filled with nothing but loads of Cum... When they were all done, i asked Queen to thank them. Smelling and licking the used pussy and face gave me immense gratification beyond words can describe.

Can't put all these in words. 2 hours of non stop action. Till we try for another record again...

I love you Queen!