Thursday, July 22, 2010

contribution by reader knightsbridge

"finally convince my gal to do 3some or swinging but dunno how to start, a lot of volunteers, but heard some bad stories.. we r into outdoor sex as well. both of us r married, hv been together for 3 yrs now. she will get wild when u suck on that big n sensitive nipples"

this is reader knightsbridge who "went to Changi business park with my gal just now at 11pm...the park was deserted n no lights, so we decided to have some fun in one of the hut. Stripped her naked n bonked her crazy. :biggrin:"

enjoy guys...


  1. LUV the first photo. Maybe we can have a joint photo sessions lor. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. i have been invited by several swinging couples b4 n thru referral by word of mouth, largely thx to some of the wives who saw my photos n heard abt my stamina to cum many times within 2 to 3 hrs n always do my best to pleasure the gal, n their hubby r ok with my non-pushy personality n my respect for discreet n privacy. maybe u can email me at n we can discuss further?

  3. Man
    are those your spare tires or an extra pair of man boobs?