Wednesday, July 21, 2010

contribution by reader ONYX

"Hi SG-THOSE, jus wanna share some OLD pix of my cutie FB with ur readers, and maybe we can arrange a meetup with readers who similar interests"

These shots are done when I picked her up from work. Feeling horny, we decided to explore the place for a good spot... These poles make her feel even more horny... she finally changed to something more comfortable... she likes it short short... nice upskirt... she has a lovely CIM look when she sucks cock... hope some of you will see it in real life...


  1. Well count me in if she wants a threesome. :D

  2. Paiseh, if U are a single male who wan to join in, then u may have to wait a long long time (too many requests)....

    BUT, if you are offering a place for us to swing, or have a female partner too... then maybe dun have to wait lor... THIS is the way to get priority...

  3. wah this you call "cutie"?

    She's flabby and obviously old. I can count the fat on her thighs

  4. She's a nice gal.I really miss fucking her and seeing her pictures brings back memories. So she's ur FB now ah? Enjoy!!!