Tuesday, July 20, 2010

contribution by reader LS

here is a contribution:

ls says:
i love to share her but she won't agree that's the problem, tried to many times brought up the subject.... only once, an american guy came to s'pore.. we pretended to get her drunk n he added pill into her drink, she only woke up in the morning... haha

sg-those.blogspot.com says:

so he bonked her?

ls says:

i fucked her firest to confirm she's out cold, after that i signalled to him as he was hiding in the cupboard. he continued n left after he enjoyed himself.

sg-those.blogspot.com says:

cool, did your wife rem anything?

ls says:

once i got her very drunk with sleeping pills n liquor
fuck her on cam again.. haha



ls says:

so difficult to fuck her for others to see unless being drugged
if only i can get spanish fly... haha


  1. What is he even thinking? Wonder what's up his brains. That's his wife. Don't he think that she must agree to this? I would call this rape already.
    I'm not against swinging, but at least both parties must agree to it first right?
    Anyway, just my two cents worth.

    Keep up the good work with your blog :)

  2. Bro Ls, great work we share common interest how do I linkup with u? Tomwin25@yahoo.com.sg

  3. ls, r u still a human being? yr wife married to u and love u and u still done that to her? how will yr in-laws feel if they know it? do u hv a sis? or u want yr future daugther also get the same treatment from her future husband? u r so dirty and sick!