Friday, July 23, 2010

Buy us a beer..

With the suggestion from a reader here, I have set up something for the regulars here. You would have noticed that there is a "Donate" button on top of the chat box.. well you can donate any amount you want.. if everyone donates like $10 from 300 or $1 from 3000 readers would give me a comfortable salary to provide quality content to everyone out there for your wanking enjoyment.

Its all in the good name of "SHARING", thats what THOSE is all about.. regular updates require time on my side.. so guys, don't stinge!


  1. i donate 100 if i can love your princess


  2. bro...thanks for starting this site...i think it's given a lot of people a chance to meet and talk and express themselves...i'll donate when i can and i'll inform u when i make the donation. cheers!

  3. thank you, i am happy that everyone is exchanging contacts and making progress.. all in the name of sharing and having fun...

  4. yes lets do it one of this day... free beer...