Thursday, August 12, 2010

Joker Idiot conversation

for the 1,190,029,048,895 times in the world i spoke of idiots trying to chat with us, probably you guys need a real example.. here is an extract of a conversation I just decided to post it for everyone to have a better understanding of what an idiot is like.. and by the way, isnt it obvious that the webmaster is a guy?? anyway i just play along.. enjoy the joke..

Aloysius says: hihi says: what you want? u got something to share?

Aloysius says: yes.. a girl who went to my place for a tea, she was my ex girlfriend says: ok got pics?

Aloysius says: she don't want to so i respected her says: then? wat have you got to share?

Aloysius says: when i gave a cup of tea, she asked if i had a sex before, i said nope.. she said, care to try? i said, what??? she locked her lips to my mouth then my cock grew harder so i took her to toilet for a shower sex says: has it anything got to do with THOSE?

Aloysius says: i bet you never had a shower sex? (can you imagine this ???) says: are you 16? please...

Aloysius says: nope.. i'm 23.. my ex was 17.. why please? says: please get a life.. i think i tried everyting under the sun.. dun you understand what is THOSE?

Aloysius says: THOSE?? it got anything with sharing of sex.. i read the blog which you wrote for the reader says: sg those is about THreesome, Hotwifing, Orgy, Swinging, Exhibiting... which part of it you dun understand?

Aloysius says: so it's a threesome sex with hotwifing, orgy, swinging and exhitbitionsim, huh? so it's s share for those who had threesome.. man, talk another day if i got a share of threesome says: the rest of norm stories can go sbf to share, this is about alternate lifestyle

Aloysius says: sbf? says: sammyboyforum... how did you find out abt sgthose?

Aloysius says: from google, when i typed sex blog.. that's how i found this blog says: ok

Aloysius says: so are you interested to have sex?? says: with?

Aloysius says: me and other guy, are you interested? or if you want one on one, it's okay with me says: y should i?

Aloysius says: then when are you available? says: give me your handphone, i call you when i horny lor

Aloysius says: what??? man.. 97662432 don't give others without my permission otherwise i will ignore it... what position you perform? says: what u mean?

Aloysius says: like 69, doggy, ass fucking, ride.. if you do anything, i can do says: i like helicopter

Aloysius says: have you tried on bathing sex... helicopter?? i never tried.. new to me says: u lousy la

Aloysius says: i only tried on anal and ride... what helicopter sex is like??? im curious says: still say you can do anything... lousy ass... you got pics?

Aloysius says: of me??? says: of cuz

Aloysius says: okay.. but in exchange, do you have pics?? i only want the real, not fake says: nothin is fake

Aloysius says: okay.. exchange then says: not interested, y should i be interested in you?

Aloysius says: i see.. okay i will show my pics on msn... here's my real pics says: i m not interested in you

Aloysius says: i see.. then don't save my number thanks.. and don't give other people as well says: i will let the other readers have it to see if they interested or not.. i only do nice cocks... sorry... i think yours is too small

Aloysius says: i see... up to you if you want other reader have my number when you update your blog... my dick is avenge says: ok bye


  1. Wahahaha!! Lame shit! Think it's just a little boy trying to get lucky... Maybe i will call him later and ask what positions he like... Lol!!

  2. what a laugh.. i enjoyed it. He actually believed you were a girl. ROFL.

    You should put his number in the gay section, so all the guys can call him =)

  3. Haha... Our dear aloysius is from Singapore Catholic deaf community
    Google his number!