Thursday, August 19, 2010

handful's encounter with BB couple (Part 1)

What a night... WHAT A NIGHT !!

i remembered dozing off on my bed.. zzZZzzZzz...

then the urge to run off to leak... "OMG.. its 1am n tomolo i'm off.. how can i just sleep the night off....!!??!!!"

after releasing the great gush.. i logged on.. and the 1st site i went to.. SG THOSE.. and then.. i saw it !! bb n his lovely gal is offering to 1 lucky due a chance to watch their 3some !!!! kancheong !!! quickly post n emailed concurrently to them.. and crossed my fingers ..

with a quick exchange with bbgal... i was flying off to the XXX carpark..

turning into the carpark... i was thinking.. " are they real ? why the carpark so bright ? nobody leh ? what if i kena screwed ? how are they like ? "

Dropping a mail to them announcing my arrival, within 5 mins.. they turned in... parking right next to my car... i looked and i was stunned !! BBgal is gorgeous !!!
then they shifted their car.. n parked next to another car.. They stepped out n i realized that the other car had someone in it.. i'll call him Bro S

Not sure what to do next... BB gracefully walked over n introduced himself.. after politely asking me to leave my mobile in the car, we proceeded up fort canning !!!

BBgal : i confessed !! i was checking out your butt walking behind ya.. wondering whats under that mini skirt.. whats at the end of those lovely legs... heee

finding a nice open spot... did i mention "open".. bb and gal is awesome.. they are daring.. yes... Open n Right under the street lamps, BB unzipped and took out his semi erect dick.. ( for the record, BB's got a proper sized tool ) and BBgal went at it.. slurping away !! Me and Bro S sat and watched.... watched.... watched.... then BB beckoned " sit closer"

With Bro S sitting to my left, we watched up close.. listening to BBgal's wet bj being administered to BB... Then another unthinkable happened.. BB nodded to Bro S, and Bro S unzipped... taking out his 2IC too.. then he reached out and started giving BBgal a good boobie massage !!!!!!
WAH LAU !! i looked up at BB and he smiled.... he mouthed " take out your cock " and nodded.. OMG !! i have the same privilege !!

i not shy !! reached out and went fondling.. having a "handful" of bbgal's firm boobies.... left hand kept busy stroking my semi erect 2IC too...

Now guys.. imagine this.. what happened next.. BB pulled BBgal up.. went behind her, pulled her lacy black Gs aside and thrusted in easily.. ( guess she's wet ) BBgal was facing Bro S.. giving him a nice handjob amidst her moans....... POWER !!!!!!! i kept myself BZ... had to.. tweeking and turning BBgal's erected nips... ( did i mention those nips are irresistible) hahaaaaaha...

Suddenly.. BB broke the silence.. asking BBgal whether to proceed to 81 ? i was like.. " oh no... end of my nite" Bro S got up and headed off.... Geez.. Bro S knows what to do huh !! ( later shared by BB that they were together for a while.. he got more privilegde !!!)

BBgal sat on the steps... was tidying herself up when BB laid her back and took off her Gs.. " you not gonna wear this anymore" and then entered her again.. The great news broke.. BB asked " gal.. u like his cock or not...? if u like, he can join us at the hotel.. " BBgal... kept quite.. bz moaning away at BB's pounding.. ( in my heart or mind.. SAY YES ! SAY YES ! )

BB's phone rang.. breaking the flow n the hotel room was ready.....

Part II to come later !!!

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