Thursday, August 12, 2010

handful's sharing with BB couple (more to come)

this is a short account of what happened last night.. welcome to the club BB couple! now i got ppl to help lessen my load of THOSE.. haha.. i seen BBgal's pic (gorgeous!), thanks for the sent, i will arrange and meet you guys soon.. may be you can drop a contact no.

handful: yo bro, bb n bbgal not bad

sgthose: hey

handful: they are looking for couples

sgthose: i heard u went to watch

handful: bbgal as hot.. hahahaa, yea

sgthose: where was it?

handful: was at the carpark behind fort canning, then they proceeded to balestier 81, invited mi into the room... woah... power

sgthose: so wat happened?

handful: erm... bb banging bbgal.. she blowing his buddy and me giving her a good boobs massage, she giving me a good jerk off.. hahahaa

sgthose: they had a threesome ya?

handful: yeah,,, apparently, this guy S regular with them.. so he got more " privileges"

sgthose: how old are they?

handful: late 20s ?

sgthose: you should write a nice FR, i will post for you

handful: yea

sgthose: write n email to

handful: will do that, but will let them vet 1st

sgthose: i will post it for you

handful: yup yup !!

sgthose: wat time was it then?

handful: 2.30am steam when i was there.. slpy

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