Saturday, November 14, 2009

Uncle THOSE Q&A..

I received and email from one of the readers here asking about some stuff.. i find it pretty relevant that many might face this situation.. hence i shall post the email and reply here.. I have replied to this reader already thou.. feel free to write to me anytime.. the reply serves only as my personal opinion and its at your own discretion to view it in your own way..


hey bro,
I'm a supporter of your blog and thanks for sharing your stories. I need your advise based on your experiences and thanks in advance! The thing is that I tried 3some with my girl back in Bangkok together with a toyboy. She has been craving to suck another man's cock while i fucking her from the back. But here's the issue, back in Bkk I could control the guy (telling him what to do cause I'm paying for him) but how does it works in Singapore since is a "volunteer basis". We wanted to get a stranger, someone we dont really knows but share the same interests and we are still in full throttle control. Planning to try couple switching too but concern that our first experiences would be a messy.
Look forward to your reply
Many Thanks,

My reply as follows:

Hi Bro,

It really depends on your comfort level and fetishes. Since your gf has hotwife tendencies, you must be open enough to accept it. Whats most impt is your relationship. The 3rd party you get must definitely be someone you guys are comfortable. Discreetion IS important. You may want to chat with the 3rd party for awhile or maybe even meet up before such an action takes place. It will help in screening the guy to make sure he is of sound mind and not those who will kiss and tell. Looks may also play an important role here. Cock size or whatever that can be. So spend some time to search for such a guy. what i usually practice is having a few guys whom i am already very comfortable with. so i rotate them.

even for couples, you may end up getting those pushy types or those who are fuck mates. which means to say, they dun really care. my first experience is of such. lucky for me, having learnt a lesson. and many years down the road, i m pretty good at this game.

rem, this is an alternate lifestyle, not all is for the idea, so dun jeopardise anything for it. once you sense that the other party or couple is behaving weird, then just say bye. there are tonnes of players in the field. the rule of the thumb shall always be your own comfort level. even as we swing these days, i make the effort to have eye contact with the guy to make sure he is ok before i move onto the girl. you dun want to be accuse of anything at the end of the day.

you always have the right to say no or stop at any point of time in this game. dun do things just because of pressure.

have fun in this new lifestyle.

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  1. Good advise my friend. Useful tips to those who are new to this alternate lifestyle too. Maybe you could share with us more of those experiences u have even those not so good ones. Keep it up.