Wednesday, November 4, 2009

new candidates required

hi.. been reading but dying to get involved? here's your chance to join us to watch or in the fun...!

  1. u need to drop me an email.. with your particulars, age/race/ht wt and a pic of how you look.. and yes your contact details as well.. do bear in mind that we can be really last min.. so do bear in mind to contact us only if you can do impromptu.. no questions ask please
  2. take a pic of you wanking off to any of the pic here.. so meaning: (cum+ pic here) and send them in.. this is the only cock pics we want to receive.. dun send in cock pics only..
  3. most impt, tell me why should i even consider choosing you!


  1. Sweet blog. Been wanted to try out with my gf too. Planning to do it in BKK with a toyboy. At least will have full control of the 3rd party. I like to be in control as much as her. Look forward to your next post. *more pic too.

  2. we welcome interested parties to join us..