Monday, November 9, 2009

some more...

before action starts..

look at that ass before it was perked up..
mr cock says hello to ms tits...
peek a boo!

apparently, she was suggesting for a threesome tonight.. but due to her phone prob and communications, it was called off.. n i guess she was cumming non stop before she text me.. she also went for a tanning today in a public pool in yishun.. wonder if any lucky guys caught her with her nipples protruding out of her bikini top? well.. she certainly loves the attention given to her when the coldness of the water gave her nipples a hard on..


  1. WOW, wat a view!! imaging my dick is there too to work hard on her :)

  2. My wife loves the way your cockhead peeks out of your foreskin..she has a thing for uncuts.. :)

  3. haha.. we can arrange for a session then..