Thursday, September 13, 2012

Princess scores a double!!

Princess just called me moments ago and I will pen it down while its fresh in my memory...

Princess was not feeling really good and her co-worker who has been very keen on her, pampered  her and bought medicine for her. insist that she finish the medicine while when he bought it back.. with that simple trick, it totally worked for her.. and soon she was interested in him.. he looks like a cute model, thai btw. then she was out drinking with her friends last night. this thai boy was also in the group..and soon she was in his room making out with him..he wanted to do her raw but as a rule of the thumb.. we dont do strangers raw. she insist that he gets his rubber..overall, Princess comment was "No size, skill not great.."

She then slept over his room till morning when she wen back to her room where she shared with her female co-worker.. then she realised that her bed had someone on it.. =( she then knocked on the ajoining door where the ang mo was sleeping in there.. he opened the door and let her in..

she has a pair of irresistable ass where she could use to work wonders.. she the laid on the bed and perk her butt out.. the guy then waste no time in grinding on her.. before long he whipped out his cock and start teasing her.. he then reached out for his rubber and did princess in missionary and ended in the all time favourite doggy position.. her comments "ang mo got size, skill not great"

she had left her hp in the other room.. damn.. anyway its a long weekend.. i am sure she is capable of getting something..


  1. what happened to princess's bf? it was so more exciting as she was into it. these other two guys just seem like a waste of time.

  2. she is out of town hence the bf in sg

  3. Does it arouse you more when your princess goes raw with others?