Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So this colleague of mine (we'll call him S) has been using all his cheesy pick up lines for the longest time and always showing off how much of a casanova he is... and whenever we were alone in the office (sometimes, he deliberately stayed back while I finished up my work just to be alone with me), he would touch me briefly or brush past me. On a few occasions, even when we had company, he would try to tease me when no one was looking.

So after several small teasing sessions around the office when no one was looking, he started to suggest we go somewhere for some fun. So I thought, "why not?"

We ended up somewhere in town... he was already waiting for me in the room because I was running late from an earlier appointment.

As I stripped myself, I knew he had his eyes on my butt. He told me before that he loves butt more than boobs and when I was wearing a particular pair of shorts that flattered my butt, that was when he started having more interest in me.

After washing up, I wasted no time. I got right into action and started playing with his cock. It wasn't very big for a eurasian guy... I'd expected bigger.

I played with his balls as I sucked on his cock... he was already hard from staring at my butt earlier on so I didn't even have to try very hard at all.

He told me that he wanted to go down on me, so I laid on my back and let him do it... It was not too bad... I guess his tongue worked quite well.

He started to fuck me in the missionary position... unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it very much, maybe because of his average-sized cock... I tend to prefer cocks that are 7inch and above, and I think it's something I'm already used to.

Most people say that its not that size that matters, but it's how he uses it... I'm guessing S doesn't use his very well? I honestly didn't feel very much like moaning, but I made some noise just to keep it going and I didn't wanna be completely mean to him.

I tried to talk dirty with him and asked him about the girl he was dating, and asked him to tell me what he likes about her... turns out that she cums very easily with his "methods", so I told him to do his magic on me, but he told me he was already doing it.

Maybe my standard's just too high.

He asked about the other guys that I've played with... so I mentioned E's 8inch thick cock... and he went soft for a while and I had to blow him to get him hard again so he could fuck me properly.

After a while, he told me he wanted to fuck me doggy style so he could see and feel my butt... so I turned around and let him do it. I brought out my trusty bullet (my best friend in bed!) and put it in position while he fucked me from behind, hoping I could make myself cum.

He came before I did.

And it was all over. That was fast.

I don't think I'll be doing him again in the near future... it holds no excitement for me!


  1. hmm.. not a good lover lor.. by the way, why you never grant me access to your blog.. sob sob :( , Pat