Tuesday, March 22, 2011

German 3some

I was looking around for more caucasian guys to play with, so Exhibitor (E) put up a forum post on my behalf... quite a few responded and we shortlisted 2 guys.

I contacted one of them, who will hereafter be known as M, and asked if he was gamed for a threesome. Thankfully, he said yes! So we got it on. M is German.

I went with E after work. It was M's first time doing this threesome thing so he was quite shy and nervous at first, so E and I did our best to make him feel comfortable.

His cock was about 7inches I think... and not thick. While he was washing himself up, I started blowing E, but as soon as he came out, E told me to attend to him instead, which I did.

I focused all my attention on him and he started to get more warmed up after a while. I started to kiss him, to which he reacted by kissing me back really passionately, and then he moved downwards and started sucking on my nipple... I could feel his tongue brushing over the tip of my nipple...

Then he laid me down on my back and started kissing me again, his tongue swishing around wildly in my mouth.

E, who already hard from observing and taking photos, told me to blow him (M), so I took M's cock and started sucking him slowly at first, then gradually picking up the pace. He was already hard and fully erected and his cock was warm and hard inside my mouth.

After a while, he decided to go down on me, and as I felt his tongue licking my clit, I pulled E closer so that I could blow him while M pleasured me. He alternated between licking and sucking my clit and playing with my boobs at the same time.

M wanted to fuck me, but before he did so, I sucked his cock a while more to make sure that he was as hard as he could get. After a short while, I sensed that he was quite turned on, and if I went on, he could totally just cum in my mouth, but I think he didn't want that, so I slid on the condom for him, and he started to fuck me in the missionary position.

He kissed me passionately while he fucked me slowly, and then picked up the pace gradually... I reached for E's hard cock and started sucking it hard, and before long, M came.

I didn't even know it was over. Maybe he was totally turned on by the whole situation.

So E took over fucking me. I was craving for his thick and hard cock... well, actually, my wet pussy was craving for it.

As he fucked me, M started to play with my boobs and licking my neck... I was VERY turned on because my neck is my catalyst and licking my neck never fails to turn me on... I felt my pussy getting wetter by the second... and the thrusting of E's cock was making me even hornier...

Before I knew it, E pulled out and came all over my body. He told me that he saw how turned on I was and it was too much for him to take in.

I hadn't managed to cum yet!

But it was fun... at least I got to try out a German guy! Can add to my list... heehee. :P

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