Thursday, July 18, 2019

The last time round..

The last time round when we asked for a hitch driver. Queen paid back w a creampie in a white BMW. She had a good romp of about an hour at the back of his car near IKEA Tampines. I was told she started kissing him before rubbing his pants. Queen went prepared and got braless and pantyless before meeting. The driver then rubbed his way to her clit. She was moaning w a wet pussy. BBBJ when they reached their destination and non stop romping for an hour before she came home w a hot creampie.

When she came back, I prepared another guy for her as a surprise. It was a young 18 year old whom was supposed to take his A Levels the next day. He sneak out of the house for this romp. We first had him last year when he was barely 17. Young and fresh. The idea of Queen old enough to be his mama turns us even further. I was hiding in the other room where I was trying to hear them. She came out looking for me and told him she would be too tired to serve me after. I was swarmed w hormones raging. I stood outside listening to their actions for a good 15 minutes before she came and ask me in for a double action. I was so swarmed until I can't wait to pump Queen hard. While doing so this young boy gave Queen a bukkake n some in her mouth. Queen took the opportunity to kiss me sharing his cum w me. Story ended w me having a good cum mixed w the driver's.

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