Thursday, September 21, 2017

Queen wants to play

Fastest to email into gets to play NOW!


  1. Feels good and horny to see ur missy doing

  2. Hi there,

    I’m KK, 26 years old, SG Chinese, living in pasir ris, single, 1.68m and 80kg here. I’m currently working as IT technician and studying part time degree in computer security. My goals in life is to get a master degree in cyber security later on and becoming a cyber-security expert so to contribute to the open source and IT security communities. I love to take part in sports, courses and outdoor activities to explore, experience things, improve myself, having fun, places and making new friends. I’m an easy going and helpful person. Nice to meet you!

    my sex stats:

    •Name: kk
    •Gender: Male
    •Location: Singapore, Pasir Ris
    •Age: 26 years old, 1991, Aries
    •Race/nationality: Singaporean, Chinese
    •Height/weight/body: 1.68m, 80kg.
    •Marital Status: Single, Straight
    •Dick size: 13cm long, 4cm, shaved, thick and straight.
    •Best record: 4 shots within 2-3hrs.
    •My experiences: tarma, MMF and orgy.
    •How frequently I need sex: Once a week/every 2 weeks.
    •My health report: -
    •My principals/rules: No married and attached women without their partner approval, unless special circumstances.
    •Looking for: Normal friends, 1 on 1 sex and group sex. I don't mind being a watcher also.

    Contact details: 85105356, wechat: tankahkiat