Monday, July 14, 2014

Queen first visit to New York Adult Theater.. X Dreams

#adult theatre
New York is a place where I intend to turn dreams into reality.. I have seen so much porn on where ladies go to adult theatres and guys are all around waiting for action to happen. Well, we did just that! I chanced upon and we visitied that place..

The place was quite big and we roamed about that place. There were video booths, private rooms, adult dancers viewing room but what caught our attention was the adult common theatre.. its basically a room with some sofa and a huge tv screening porn.. Queen was initially quite hesistant and was reluctant as the guys around us grew in numbers.. I got her into the mood and she began blowing me.. the guys then got curious and started whipping out their cocks.. its like a dream come true for me.. all different guys.. filthy and from all walks of lives..

I then got her to flipped over into doggy position as i grew hard enough to pump her up.. her moans were echoing the entire room.. the guys then stood around but gave us personal space of 2-3 m away..

I can feel her wetness when I decided to go for the kill and asked her.." Can the guys touch you".. "hmmm maybe for awhile?" as she muffled.. I turned to them and tell them " come, you guys can touch her" its such a sight to behold.. the andrenaline is killing me as i pump harder.. " can the guys cum on you?" ... she went silent as she was moaning away.. "I will clean up for you" as I took it as a cue for a YES!

"Guys, you can cum on her back!" you can literally see their face in estacy as they begin to wank harder... there were probably about 3 guys besides me..within 5 mins, the first one came really hard.. and when the hot cum hits Queen's back.. you could hear her giving out a louder moan.. One other guy then took her hands and asked her to rub his balls (as seen in the pic).. it was then she decided to grab his inner tighs which killed him...

All of them stood around and continue watching when Queen asked me to join in the messy cum.. I was just waiting for that!! My cumm spewed over her body and beyond her hair.. the guys were amazed.. 

Cleaning up after the guys were somehow turning on for me.. I bet that place has Asians visiting them often.. The guys let out a string of praises  " that was awesome!" before we smiled and cooly walked out of that place..

Queen was shy at the first experience but was happy that it pleased me sooo much...


  1. Nice! Great experience that you guys had. I wish I could do the same with my queen too. Cheers!

  2. Awesome update! Thank you. Your Queen is hot! Looking forward to more....

  3. Could we see some of the threesome photos plsssssssss