Friday, November 29, 2013

Closer communication w readers

We are exploring to form interest groups where we could communicate directly with our readers n pre select n group you guys so we can have last min events n u guys can be informed immediately.

You are to use your real WECHAT account to add us. We will disseminate last min fun from there.

To save the hassle of further screening you are to attached your information as previous post n send it to before we add u. Those who had submitted, I'll write to u personally for u to add us.

This will be the main form of communication for any events moving forward.

It's simple, no emails or fake accounts will mean we will not add you.


  1. Damn!!! Ur tanline is such a turn on!!!

  2. May we see photos or vids of the action that we can only imagine happened? :)

  3. please continue posting!! ive been checking back once every other day but there havent been updates... queen is so fucking hot. cant wait to see more of her :)

  4. You might need this: