Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hotwife Reader request

I have been communicating with the above Reader- Hotwife V for quite some time now and here is her request.

"Am looking for a host for a holiday. . Hubby will be coming along as well. Prefer white. If asian depends la. must be mature and be willing to sponsor. Koh Samui; Phuket. Somewhere not too far and can get a villa where i can be naked most of the time. lol."

Guys who are interested are to send in your request to with the subject "Hotwife Hosting". I am helping to select the guys. She also have other fetishes which we will reveal at another time. She is keen to be a full time hotwife!

p/s: I am waiting for 11 more comments before I release the next photo of our EIP with Queen. I will also get Queen to fullfil requests by you guys!

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