Sunday, December 4, 2011

princess turns hotwife

its been a while since i updated here.. as it is now, princess has gotten herself a fuckbuddy.. i am proud of her in fact. professional cacausian guy in the medical field. let me recall... hmm she has spent nights over at his place.. bonking raw in showers, bonking on his couch, etc.

i am glad that she is enjoying him... oh yes, at this point of writing, they are both away for a holiday in thailand.. but it seems like a chill and laid back trip. been looking forward to her whatsapp msgs to update me on what is going on. for now, i can only cross my fingers hoping that there are videos or some visuals which can satiate my thirst of her sensual acts..

been wanting to try out bonking in that Yangtze Cinema where the dirty old fellows are.. its gonna be a great exhibition for sure.. and also, 2 guys have been shortlisted for the next group bonking (didnt want to use Gangbang thou, i like that word better) will get them once we are more chilled for the holidays season..

hmm, i think thats all for now.. guys and girls, feel free to write to us.. looking forward to your emails!


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