Wednesday, October 6, 2010

For those who need assistance

Well.. until today.. there are still tonnes of guys msn and message me asking where to get fucked and to introduce girls to them.. after serious thought.. i have decided..

I am GONNA give you a WORKSHOP!

its gonna be $100 per pax.. 5 per session.. for once in your lifetime.. you can now attend an event even if you are SINGLE!

But, do remember that there are NO girls available for you to fuck on that day.. purely a consultation and workshop where you can ask as many questions as you want..

Some topics covered include, how to convince your girl to take part in a swing or threesome and how to get laid in a KTV for FREE!

You can network and chiong with fellow mates of the workshop that very night!

its a 2.5 hour session.. send in your name, contact, date of birth, marital status and any other relevant burning questions you have..

Thank you.

p/s: Princess and I have been bonking well.. but too busy to update.. cya!

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