Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Criterias for joining us

I have a tonne of enquiries on how to join us. well i am gonna list it down once and for all here.

  1. candidates come in fill up form then interview with a panel of specialists comprising of doctors, psychiatrists, sexologist, yoga guru and a physical trainer.
  2. then got 2nd rd of psychological test
  3. take a video audition and a photogenic test, results will be published on SG THOSE
  4. final fews get to make to the IPPT
  5. then will be a sperm quality test by a mnc lab
  6. if pass then pass to princess for final selection
For all who are keen for the interview, please send your CV to sgthose@yahoo.com. please state your income, present occupation and your 5-10 year goals.

thank you.

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