Friday, June 4, 2010

out exhibiting

have you join our twitter? please do so if you haven.. we are out on action tonight and here are some shots taken in a carpark.. we had a VIRGIN threesome with Princess recently.. the pictures will be coming soon..

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  1. Got a call from bro exhibitor while i was out clubbing to join him for a threesome. He was really nice to accommodate me to get a hotel room really near where i was. Got a Sms from him "Rm 215" and i went over to join him and his really lovely Princess for a quickie.

    Went into the room and was greeted by bro exhibitor and his gorgeous looking gal. They were already in action and i wasted no time and got myself washed up too. Came out of the shower and saw bro exhibitor dogging Princess and i went over and sat myself infront of Princess. She took my cock into her mouth immediately and gave me a slurrpy wet blowjob. Bro exhibitor upon seeing the sight, started to bang Princess even harder and the whole room was filled with half muffed moans as Princess was half blowing me and moaning from exhibitor's deep thrust!

    We changed positions, put on a rubber and entered Princess doggy. Boy was she dripping wet from all the excitement! Me too was having a sight from Princess blowing exhibitor's huge throbbing cock. As i was having a little trouble cumming from the alcohol, I decided to wank myself to the view and do a COF with exhibitor fucking her in missionary. Finally felt the tingling sensation in my balls and place my cock into Princess's mouth. She took it without hesitation and took all my cum into her mouth. Bro exhibitor seeing this sight, got really excited pulled out his cock from her pussy and shot all over Princess body!! She was so so hot from all our cum. Dripping from her mouth and all over her body.

    Really got to thank bro exhibitor for the call and wow his gals/FBs are always super standard! Really wondered how he managed to get the gals come free with their inhibitions. You da Man bro!!