Saturday, September 26, 2009


after much discussion, she decided to give it a shot.. this ex of mine (S) apparently bonked 2 other guys which i had asked them to call her.. what a slut.. this time, she agreed to a threesome..

but to my surprise, the guy, B, whom I asked to join in brought along another gf (M). she is there just to watch only. S was nervous at first and had a bit of wine before we decided to start the action. I used the vibrator on her, this never fails to start the engine on.. with her moaning, I started to feel the lips of her pussy pretty wet.

M who remains to be a watcher with clothes on, decided to give B a bj to start things on. S watched on their little action, something very new to her. she is turned on by the idea while she grabbed my cock for insertion. the moan she gave out attracted B to move over to her. while I gradually increases my speed, B 's hands starts to roam on S 's body upon my acknowledgement. S loves her tits squeezed and nipples fondled.. by now.. everything is in moment.. S guided B's hands and teach him how to give herself a good squeeze.. her hands began to roam to B's cock and while she enjoys the pumping momentum, she strokes him on.. B had a satisfying look then..

i signalled B to shove that cock into her mouth, S was unwilling initially but gave in after a few strong pumps by me.i love this beautiful sight. i believe all women have this dark dirty horny side of them.. all women are sluts in their way.. We shifted from position to position like doggy where i pump n she suck on him. All this while, I noticed M was horny as she tried to remain still. I asked her to come forward where she can have a closer look at the actions.

S couldnt stop cumming with her vibrator on her clit non stop. M finally couldnt take it and asked if she can touched S's nipples.. of cuz she can! so there we were, I pumping, M touching her nipples and B caressing her all over.. I was on the verge of cumming so many times! I had to control myself from the irresistible sight of S enjoying every moment of it!

i asked M to kiss S.. man.. there were zero resistance! there infront of us, a girl on girl action, S took control and conquer M by stripping her. god, she is beautiful.. so there you have it with 2 couples fully naked, we did in every positions u can imagine, 1 of the best would be I bonking S, S blowing B, B being blown by M and we change about pretty much in that.. S suggested changing partners.. its always my great quencher to have S in action with another man.. while i was working on M on her clit, i was looking at S n B in action all these while.. she bj him and ridding on him.. before she was returned to me for the finale..

the moanings running through the room till nearly daybreak.. I asked S if she likes it.. well, she loves it was what i get.. while we work on our partners seperately, the girls cant help touching each other non stop.. B picked up speed and pumped M while planting his mouth on S.. you can tell that his mind is all on her.. all this came to an end when S gave her infamous balls stroking onto him when B retracted to cum all over M. On seeing this, i picked up my speed with M touching S tits, the surge of my cum then came all over S..including the face..

with this endearing 1st experience, she is looking forward to more..

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